My Top 5 Essential Items For A Jamaican Holiday

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ICYMI, I'm going to Jamaica in exactly 7 days and could not be more excited!!!! I was looking around trying to figure out if I was missing anything important when writing one of many lists in preparation for such an epic adventure into paradise.

SamiWrites: Top 5 Essentials for Jamaica
JAMAICA! Image via Pixabay 
So here are my top 5 essentials:

1. First Aid Kit

While there aren't many nasties lurking in the Jamaican wildlife, I read way too much about the dreaded "40 leg" to take any chances, and sea urchins are another slim possibility of causing a painful accident so it's best to be prepared! I bought a pre-made first aid kit from Boots, and also pack:
  • antihistamines
  • antiseptic spray
  • antiseptic cream
  • anti-diarrhoea tablets
  • re-hydration sachets
  • anti acids
  • thermometer
So that's my basic first-aid kit whenever I travel, with the addition of the pack from Boots. It would be nice to not have to claim on travel insurance if we can manage the problem in the hotel with the right stock already there! Some might say I'm over cautious, but I'd rather go that way than end up in a hospital in a foreign country. 

2. Battery Packs

During my reading I also learned that power outages are somewhat par for the course, so if there happens to be an extended period of time when we're without power (such as a particularly nasty storm hits) then it would be nice to still have access to the outside world so spare batteries are an absolute must for me. I have: Anker Power Bank Astro E1 5200mAh  and cannot fault it on the price or how much you can charge with it!

3. Mosquito Spray

You may well be saying, "well, duh..." but I wasn't sure what the flying vampire situation was over in Jamaica and yes, you need the strong stuff. It smells awful but it's better to deal with that than Dengue Fever. Personally, I swear by Jungle Formula but you might have another product that works better for you. Thomson also blogged about this very topic!

4. USD

Tipping is customary in Jamaica and US Dollars are the preferred currency, and yes apparently this includes all-inclusive resorts. If they reject your money it's no big deal as you can just change the currency when you get back home. Depending upon the type of resort and length of time you're there, I'd estimate up to $20 a day in tips alone, with extra thrown in for excursions and tipping the driver that takes you to and from the airport.

5. Waterproof Camera

I don't know about you, but I'm a water baby, and now there are cameras that won't die underwater this is just an epic opportunity for some amazing pictures. The only waterproof camera I knew of was the GoPro, which vastly exceeded by budget! After asking around, a scuba-diving friend of mine recommended APEMAN Action Camera Underwater Camera  to me for a fraction of the GoPro cost! I can't wait to use it and see what shots I can grab.

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