Infertility: and so it begins

I finally have an update on our infertility journey! 

We met with a specialist GP last week in Littlehampton to discuss the masses of test results and our options going forward. Going into the appointment I was fully anticipating to be given a prescription for clomiphene or letrozole and told to come back in 6 months, and perhaps be referred for some further investigations to rule out any physical problems. The doctor was wonderful, she was so kind and really tried to involve my partner in the conversation - even though it was very awkward, TMI which he doesn't do well with - and it was of course me asking questions and trying to gain as much information as I possibly could as to why on earth we were sat there at the age of 29! No-one ever expects to have problems conceiving, especially in your late 20s... it's a very strange and frustrating situation to be in and all of the doctors and nurses I have met are so sympathetic to this fact. 

So. Following the discussion that there was no evidence in my blood work to explain the problem; I am indeed ovulating as I should be albeit in a bit of a weird pattern but not enough to warrant clomiphene. At this point my thoughts went to IUI to help things along. Nope. We are going straight to IVF. Yes. At 9am on a Friday morning the IVF bomb was dropped and I honestly didn't know how to react. I'm still processing it to be honest. She also recommended an internal ultrasound and that referral should be coming through quite soon, on top of that I also have to repeat my HIV/Hepatitis serology bloods as these tests are only valid for 3 months. Go figure. My partner also has to be tested too which I'm actually pleased about in a mean sort of way! 

The only 'problem' with our current situation is my being on venlafaxine, which is contraindicated in pregnancy. This isn't something to be taken lightly and it is quite likely the IVF clinic we choose will not accept us until I am off it. Of course, as I've talked about before, coming off venlafaxine is hellish and I'm not at all looking forward to it. I need to discuss it with my GP and possibly a psychiatrist, as I have been very stable and we need to put something in place that is safer to use in the case of possible pregnancy. The trouble with this is I only respond to heavy duty antidepressants, which of course are incredibly risky to an unborn baby so... I don't know at this point what will happen with that but it's certainly given me a push to at least try to get off this demon drug and see how it goes. 

So that's where we're at right now! If everything goes according to plan we could be looking at starting around the end of the year which is really exciting/terrifying/every emotion ever... 

IVF.... really?!?!?!  

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