OM Yoga Show: London 2015

This year saw the biggest yoga event in Europe change location to Alexandra Palace, and also enabled me to reconnect with an old friend I had not seen since 2008! It was such an amazing day and I cannot thank OM Yoga enough. 

OM Yoga Show 2015

Relocating to the Ali Pali, as it is affectionately known, allowed for a vastly easier journey and meant that we didn't arrive incredibly stressed from navigating the labyrinth that is the underground. A short hop on the Victoria Line to Kings Cross and then the overground to Alexandra Palace, then a short walk in a straight line and you're there! There were also buses running to take you directly to and from the show; especially handy if you were heading home with vastly more than you arrived with! I was very aware that I made this mistake last year and did my best to not overload myself for the 2 hour journey back home! The layout was also much easier, due to the increased space, so the traffic jams of people between the rows of stalls were almost non-existent in comparison to the year before so there is no need to be worried about that if you're considering attending. 

This year I decided to focus on the workshops and it was a truly amazing. They are for all levels, unless you book in to a more advanced class, and it provided an opportunity to learn new versions of yoga and refine your 'basics' such as the sun salutation. Mats were provided but you can bring your own. Despite the workshops having something of an audience, which was a little anxiety provoking at first as I am generally the one that loses their balance and falls over quite a lot, it soon melted away and the time just flew by as we got into our practice. In fact, the biggest problem was deciding which classes to attend before going! It is very easy to over-do it, so if I could offer one piece of advice it would be to only do 3 if you're just going for the day, and space them out so you have time to grab a snack and hydrate before the next one. By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted and my legs were gone! Next year I am definitely going to make a weekend of it. 

The Classes

Our first class was 'Beautiful Mind Beautiful Body' with Julia White. It was an aromatherapy based practice which was really unique and very relaxing! Although, I will say that the oils made gripping on the mat more challenging, to say the least! We practiced sun salutation and used the oils in our hands to breathe with which was oh so nice. 

Next up was 'Yoga for Health and Well-being' with the British Wheel of Yoga. I think this was my favourite class although it's a really tough call. We focused more on postures and balances here, and even had some children joining us in the class which was adorable! 

We ended our day with a workshop: 'Lessen the Hold of Anxiety and Be Your More Fearless Self ' with Yogacampus yoga therapist Lisa Kaley-Isley PhD. A clinical psychologist with yoga training is the holy grail for those of us in the mental health and yoga communities so the take part in this class for less than £10 was such a gift. This class reaffirmed a lot of the tools we have in our little survival box and was based on her obvious commitment to studying anxiety and how it impacts on the body and mind. She closed the class with chanting and relaxation which almost made me fall asleep! 

Helpful Tips

  • If you're going to an open class, get there 30 minutes early or it's quite likely you won't get a spot!
  • Coconut water. Coconut water. Coconut water. Take advantage of the juice bar too! 
  • Take time out for yourself to rest. It's very easy to feel the need to do everything and see everything but you risk either injury or fainting! 
  • Make a plan before you go and set a budget. I take cash so once it's gone, it's gone! 
  • Bring a larger bag to take your goodies home in so you don't have to control loads of little ones on the train. 
  • Battery packs! These are an absolute must if you are going to be using your phone to take pictures and instagram/tweet your day. I highly recommend these Anker packs: 

The next OM Yoga shows are 2nd and 3rd April 2016 in Glasgow and 20th-22nd May 2016 in Manchester!

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