JuicyTox Cleanse: Day One

It's been way too long since I last took on a juice cleanse, so when I discovered JuicyTox via Lyndsay's blog I was itching to give it a try. I guess I would consider myself an experienced juicer, having completed many, many 3 day programmes with soulmatefood and pushing myself through a 5 day cleanse last year. I've never ventured away from my usual programme so this is very exciting and I'm so curious to see what will happen over the coming days. 

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Juicy Goodness!
JuicyTox is unique in a number of ways; it's a four day cleanse rather than the typical 3 day, you have four juices a day and all the juices are a combination of fruit and vegetables which are made fresh the day before dispatch. You will receive your juices in 48 hour 'packs' so you will be getting the absolute best quality juices with all of their nutrients intact. You also start your day with a ginger shot which I have to say is a brilliant replacement for your morning espresso! 

What to have and when?

A really nice touch is that the bottles have the times written on them so you don't get them mixed up. Throughout the day you should be drinking 2-3 litres of lemon infused water a day and absolutely no caffeine. Here's what you do:

8am: Ginger Shot
9am: Green Juice: spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon
1pm: Orange Juice: carrot, lemon, orange, apple and ginger
4pm: Green Juice: spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon
7pm: Beetroot Juice: beetroot, carrot, pineapple, lemon and apple
10pm: Mint Tea

It's very important not to chug your juices! If you're really struggling with hunger pains or just generally missing the feeling of 'fullness' then try having a big mug of herbal tea. The continuous action of sipping on either juice, lemon water or herbal tea will keep you in that familiar hand-to-mouth action we are all so used to. 

Day One Diary

I woke up at 7am and was not terribly excited about the day ahead. I had a 3 hour symposium on Stroke at the medical school to sit through and I just knew it was going to be a massive challenge to stay in a lecture hall for that long and stay focused! The ginger shot was certainly a shock to the system and woke me up a little. 

I had my first juice at 12pm while travelling home, having already consumed 1.5 litres of lemon water during the symposium! I was starving, desperate for coffee and not a nice person to be around. By 2.30pm I'd had my 2nd juice and decided the only way to escape the withdrawal headache was to sleep, so I napped until 5pm - ooopsy! 

It's now 8.15pm and I'm sipping on my last juice which is a much welcome savoury end to the day. The juices are fantastic and I love that they're not entirely smooth, by which I mean there's a few little bits lurking and it's wonderful. Physically, I don't feel hungry but my brain is well aware of the fact no solid food has made an appearance today. It's very much a case of listening to your body rather than your mind, trusting the process and why you're doing this! I'm looking forward to  my mint tea! 

Why am I doing this? I always find that after a cleanse my cognition is vastly improved and my digestion is better. It pushes out those awful cravings for refined sugars and will break this nasty caffeine habit I've formed! I've also been unwell with Freshers Flu so a significant dose of vitamins and minerals is much needed. I also think that this process will push out any lurking remnants of medications in my system and of course it'll break this painfully frustrating weight-loss plateau I've been at for the past couple of months, however weight-loss is not my main motivation. 


  1. Eek, good luck with it! I really enjoyed my cleanse although I won't lie, it was tough! :) xx

  2. Thanks lovely! Bracing myself for the 3rd day, always the hardest part. Absolutely loving the juices though :) xx


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