JuicyTox Cleanse: Day Four

Let me take you back to Friday 17th October. It's the final day with JuicyTox and I'm starting to feel it's effects, not all of them are terribly positive but nevertheless it's the final push and we're going to rock this no matter what.
You Don't Get To The Finish Line Unless You Start
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My day started slowly. I felt tired, sore but full of an anxious energy I couldn't explain. Sleep is so, so important to completing this cleanse successfully. I hadn't had the best night, again due to anxiety, and the impact it had was felt full force. I'm used to sleepless nights, but following days of nothing but juice, you feel like you've not slept in a week. I'd also advise against not going on a cleaning spree of your house!

We left for a weekend in Cardiff at 4pm and didn't arrive at our hotel until 9pm. I had my final 2 juices in the car and I felt utterly miserable. I'm not one to eat a tonne of junk food in the car, but having something in my stomach would have made life a lot more comfortable. 

By this point in the cleanse I believe I entered into a secondary, more intensive detox as the symptoms I was experiencing took on a life of their own and would not shift. Having experienced drug and alcohol detoxes, I could definitely identify similarities - albeit at a vastly lower level of intensity, don't worry - and my liver was definitely working overtime.

Thankfully, the combination of the drive and a king size bed meant that sleeping was no problem at all! There were still no hunger pains, cramps or real cravings going on; just an intense thirst, horrible headache, dizziness, metallic taste in my mouth (ketosis) and waves of nausea. Oh, and being quite grumpy at times! My skin has broken out but I've noticed some improvement in my hair. Sadly, my nails didn't get any benefit as they all broke! 

Despite a 'delayed reaction' and feeling rather miserable at this stage,  I don't have any regrets and am still stunned at how easy this has been! Tomorrow I will upload an 'aftermath' post to discuss the end result and the effects of this cleanse. 

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