The University Diaries: Welcome to 2nd year!

Welcome to 2nd year undergraduate study at the University of Sussex! Let's get right in to it because there is a lot to talk about; I'll try not to ramble on though!

It was only right I recycled this picture, now it's actually true!


I PASSED!! Due to my appeal being rejected, my results were capped to the bare pass mark of 40, but to my surprise I was able to see the actual grade which means my lecturers also know that I'm not a complete idiot and that's always reassuring. I almost trebled my Neuroscience score (23 to 62), almost doubled Biological Chemistry (30 to 55) and passed those god awful essays for Cell Biology (30 to 41). Overall, I passed two modules with a solid 2:1 which I am trying so hard to focus on and not get drawn into the fact that my grades are vastly below average compared to the vast majority of my cohort.

Something I'm really not too keen on is the 'yearly summaries'. We get given a lovely graph which shows your modules average grades, the range of lowest to highest and where you sit among all these. While I can see it being a useful tool, for those that have clawed their way though and had a very difficult time getting to grips with how Sussex University operates, it's like twisting a knife in an open wound and not terribly constructive.

Nevertheless... I made it through!

I'm spending a semester with BSMS!

This is so exciting and intimidating! We are sharing a module with the medical school and oh my word it is the strangest feeling ever. In a way, I think we are incredibly lucky as we get access to some amazing resources and lecturers, and can improve the quality of our work significantly. It's been a baptism of fire, but I think that's the nature of medicine to be honest! The lectures are so interesting, but move so fast I am unable to make notes and listen because I'll miss the next point or get confused. The workload is very, very hard and I'll freely admit to already feeling pressure and a pit at the bottom of my stomach. 

Getting an insight into what medical students have to do every day has given me a new-found respect for them and reaffirmed that doctors really are a different type of human! I also feel more settled in my decision to take a BSc before making that next leap; it certainly hasn't put me off wanting to study medicine at all. It's difficult not being with people I spent a lot of time with last year, instead I'm inflicting myself on people I recognize from previous modules just so I don't have to sit on my own surrounded by people that know I'm not supposed to be there... Probably not the most rational or logical of thought patterns but that's where my brain is.

I'm excited for all of my modules and really hope this will help boost my grades; especially as this year counts for 40% of my classification

Mature Student Ambassador!?

Once again I fell into a job! I went along to an interview on campus and somehow got offered a paid position as a mature student ambassador. In a nutshell, I will be showing prospective mature students around campus during open days and information sessions, taking part in presentations and question and answer panels with fellow ambassadors. My job is essentially verbalizing what I have been writing on this diary for the past year. I really hope that some Open University students come to see Sussex University! It's slightly surreal to think that last September I was talking to an ambassador during our inductions and now here I am about to do the very same thing. Life is really bizarre. 

That'll do for now I think! This year is going to be a good one. I can feel it! 


  1. This is all so positive and so amazing - despite all the challenges you've faced, you've made it! Well done! xx

    Lola and Behold

  2. Wow, that's really awesome on the job and super cool with the BSMS stuff. Try not to spend time dwelling on where you sit in relation to others, it seems cruel the uni would show you that and remember that 99% of those others (if not 100%) haven't had to deal with even a quarter of the shit you have this year. Seriously you did awesome, those grade increases are really impressive and it shows that you do know all the stuff, first time round it was other shit getting in the way. I hope second year is a good time for you, and things get a bit easier. x

  3. Aw thank you so much *blushing* <3 xx

  4. You talk a lot of sense. Can you be my rational brain please? ;) Really hoping that we can come up with a similar arrangement for my exams this year! The hardest part is going to be managing the workload... MWAH xx


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