Banana Moon: A study of the Student Species

It's a new school year! Whether you're starting college, embarking on your degree or lamenting the fact you've graduated, you're a species of the student variety according to Banana Moon!

Infographic via Banana Moon

I'm a second year undergraduate. I feel like that means I'm supposed to know something, but I am still getting to grips with this whole university lark and training my 27 year old brain to stay on 'student mode'. Having left education at 16 and returning at 23 to The Open University meant I'd forgotten how to study; there is a significant difference between being an 'at-home' student and attending a full-time institution. I love my university and still feel incredibly fortunate to have a place, every day is a different challenge. 

According to Banana Moon, there are eight species of student: The Procrastinator; The Geek; Teacher's Pet; The Hipster; The Student Activist; The Perfectionist; The Party Animal and The Non-Student. 

This was a difficult decision for me! I procrastinate an extreme amount when a deadline isn't a code red threat, I study Medical Neuroscience so that has geek covered pretty well, am a classic type-A personality so perfectionism is a given and rules my academic life and I have struggled to attend campus due to my problematic mental health which would definitely make me one of the invisible 'non-student's'. 

In the end, my student species fits The Perfectionist most.

Infographic from BananaMoon

"The neatest of all the student tribes, this well-kept creature is likely to be spotted lurking behind once all his peers have left the learning cave, placing papers into files and specially allocated plastic wallets. During feeding times, the Perfectionist may be spotted moving items of food around his or her plate into a particular formation – a far cry from the more unsophisticated members of the University social structure."

I cannot explain just how much I need to have files, plastic wallets and other stationary in my life. Those hours spent sorting, categorizing and colour-coding are very well spent! You won't really see me eat on campus unless it's a dire emergency. I am well aware of how odd this is but there are some battles that are easier to win than others. You'll generally find me surrounded by various bottles of juice, coffee and water in a quiet spot, generally the library. 

This is my entry for the Banana Moon competition. This a competition open to all bloggers – for more info go here - for the chance to win a tablet and T-shirts from Banana Moon! All you need to do is tweet a blog post with the related student category hashtag to @banana_moon , simples! 

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