Foodie Friday: Baker Days Gluten-free Letterbox Cake

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Today I'd like to talk about cake, yay! Last week I was contacted by Baker Days and given an opportunity to review their gluten-free letterbox cake. After much deliberation I chose this 'Thank You' cake. I'm absolutely obsessed with colour so this multi-coloured floral icing had me sold! A letterbox gift cake serves 3 to 4, is 5 inches in diameter and can be yours for £17.99! The cake comes in an absolutely beautiful tin which you can use as your own gift container or just keep it for your secret stash of chocolate and oreos - because I'm totally not the only one that does this. Right?!


The problem most people find with gluten-free cakes is that they are dry and have an odd texture and/or flavour to them. Baker Days have solved this issue to a spectacular degree. If gluten is not your friend, here is a cake to make you feel better. Their use of ingredients is nothing short of genius; a word of warning however, there are other allergens lurking which I discovered the hard way! Thankfully a handful of antihistamines saved the day. I've highlighted the allergens in the picture below: Almond, Egg, Soya and Sulphites. Milk is also used on site. 

Baker Days Gluten Wheat Free Cake Ingredients
My letterbox cake landed with an unmistakable thud on my doormat and I was instantly very concerned the poor cake wouldn't have survived the decent. It's a long way down from the letterbox to the floor! Thankfully it did and as you can see, the cakes will come securely packaged and sealed. A very clever touch by Baker Days was to use jam to physically stick the base of the cake to the board underneath; there was a little bit of migration as you can see that the icing has come away from the edges but I think that is to be expected to be honest! Using the rolled icing as an additional 'restraint' is another brilliant idea. There is also a super-sized desiccant packet attached to the lid to keep the cake in perfect condition! A really cute touch was the addition of three balloons, two candles and something that made a noise that put the fear of God into Lily when I blew into it. I can't remember the name but they have them at childrens' parties... Help!?

ThatRedheadSaid : Baker Days Gluten-Free Letterbox Cake

So. The question we all want answered: What does it taste like?! 

The sponge: I cannot fault it. Nor can I really distinguish it from a 'normal' sponge cake. It's perhaps ever-so-slightly drier but it really is barely noticeable. Compared to some other gluten-free sponge cakes out there, this is a masterpiece. The use of potato is really clever and is probably what is making such a huge difference. You can't taste potato, don't worry. The flavour is slightly nutty, obviously, but still carries that classical flavour we all know and love. If I were to offer one observation, it would be nicer to have a thicker sponge, just to save it from being swamped by the icing. 

The icing: I am an icing fiend and nothing makes me happier than good quality fondant icing. The icing on my letterbox cake left me delirious. It's about 2mm thick with a small amount of buttercream underneath. This has been added on top of a nice layer of strawberry jam. The icing has some bite to it but doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth - how annoying is that, seriously?! - and just melts away into sugary perfection. It's not overly sweet either, the balance of flavour with the cake is absolutely spot on and also works to add a little more moisture into your bite. The ratio of cake to icing is a close-call though! It works for me, but those who aren't so into icing might struggle a little. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Baker Days Gluten-Free Letterbox Cake

You have the opportunity to customise your cake when placing your order. For this 'Thank You' cake, you have two options: For the first text box you have a maximum of 40 characters and for the second text box you have a maximum of 80 characters. I can't remember where I saw or heard the quote I chose, but it's worth remembering that 80 characters really isn't a lot so choose your words carefully!

Another reason I chose this particular cake was to serve as a preview to my next blog milestone giveaway, where this cake will be one of the prizes! Of course, it doesn't have to be gluten-free... there are chocolate, fruit and dairy-free varieties available too, but this will be the design. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

A huge thank you to Baker Days for such an amazing gluten-free letterbox cake! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ so go and say hi and give them a try for your next cake-requiring event; you can get personalised birthday cakes and cupcakes too! If you order before 2pm, your cake can arrive the next working day and large cakes even come with a cake slicer! How cool is that?!

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ThatRedheadSaid : Lily
Lily decided to sit on my cake before it got out of the box! 

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