teapigs matcha super power green tea drink : elderflower drink review

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A little while ago I reviewed the entire teapigs matcha super power green tea drink range and made some pretty harsh observations about the elderflower drink I received. I was just as surprised as teapigs HQ at the very sub-standard product so, hoping it was just a faulty one, I was very kindly sent three more to try! 

ThatRedheadSaid : teapigs matcha super power green tea drink : elderflower drink review

I hereby declare those comments null and void. It was absolutely a faulty item and just bad luck. If we put the initial product I reviewed against today's, it is incredibly obvious there was something of a malfunction going on somewhere in manufacture! The 'void' image has vastly too much matcha in it, which is what gave it that very unpleasant taste and texture. The colour of the drink itself is proof! 

ThatRedheadSaid : teapigs elderflower drink comparison

The teapigs elderflower drink is exactly what I initially hoped for. It's perfectly balanced, clean and very refreshing. The elderflower is the most dominant flavour with a little echo of matcha in the background. There is no weird after-taste and the texture is what you'd expect for a spring water-based drink! The elderflower flavour is absolutely beautiful! I have sampled the three drinks chilled out of the carton, chilled in a glass with ice and also blended with ice into a sort-of-slushie. I used a tablespoon to keep mixing it as there is a little bit of separation, but it's nothing too drastic. 

There are 32kcals/100ml which equates to a 105kcals total. The ingredients are: spring water, grape extract concentrate, elderflower extract (0.7%), lemon juice from concentrate (0.6%), matcha tea leaf powder (0.3%) and citric acid. There is no added sugar. 

ThatRedheadSaid : teapigs matcha super power green tea drink : elderflower drink review

I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend the elderflower drink. If you're teetotal like me, this would be perfect at a BBQ to keep you refreshed and alert in the sleepy summer evenings. I can't see myself opting for this post-gym like the apple or grapefruit flavours but it would be amazing to have with your healthy lunch to get you through the rest of the day, and you'll feel like you've totally treated yourself too! 

You can buy the elderflower drink, and the other flavours too, via teapigs.co.uk. A single bottle is £1.89, or a pack of 12 is £19.28. As an FYI, I have included this notice from teapigs:

"Just so you know.... this little drink is quite heavy for the postman so we can only send a maximum of three single drinks (one per flavour) out with our standard Royal Mail post. If you order the box of twelve matcha drinks, you will automatically be upgraded to courier service at the cost of £5.50 and this is only available in the UK. If you have any questions, just call us on 0208 141 8495 and we will happily help."

You can also find the teapigs matcha drinks at Harvey Nichols Food Market, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic. 

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