Weekend Wishlist #2 : The Holiday Edition

I am starting to feel that holiday excitement!!! We fly to Nerja on 5th July and I cannot wait to get back to the beautiful beaches, perfect weather and amazing food. I'm already craving gazpacho and calamari! Mmmmm.... 

A lot has changed in a year.... and sadly my bikinis and general 'summer wear' from my last visit to Nerja don't fit anymore. In my 'darker days' I would have stopped eating and exercised like a crazy person until I fitted into them again, but I'm relieved to say those days are behind me. The thoughts are there but I absolutely refuse to go back down that road. It terrifies me. 

So. I'm going to force myself to embrace this body I have, fight the lurking eating disordered thoughts, and work with what I've got as much as it makes me want to cry and hide away. I'm still so ashamed of my body and absolutely petrified of baring it on the beaches like I did last year, but that experience was so liberating and such a huge step forward for my recovery that I need to do it again. This led me to wonder where I could turn to for beachwear that is designed for those with 'curves' shall we say. I don't think they're curves if you hadn't figured that out. To me they're cancerous lumps of fat which are socially unacceptable and insulting to anyone who sees it. 

Classic example of being "weight-restored" but still tortured by body image issues and other anorexia related demons. 

Enter Simply Be and Kelly Brook's collection for New Look! 

1. Magisculpt Bikini from Simply Be; Bikini Top: £25; Bikini Brief: £15. Complete set: £40

I love this bikini because it looks like it will be able to handle my 36DD boobs! The sea on the beaches in Nerja is notoriously choppy at times and the last thing anyone needs is a wardrobe malfunction. The brief is high-waisted so that alleviates some stress about my bloated belly, plus the detail creates a real definition in the waist which I love. You can't go wrong with monochrome either. LOVE!

2. Tuscany Spot Fold Bikini from Simply Be; Bikini Top: £26; Bikini Brief: £20. Complete Set: £46

Ok. Can I just make a point that advertising a bikini for size 12 and up ladies does not lend itself to a tiny size 6/8 model. Not cool.

This bikini caught my attention because of the colour, of course! The top looks like it would be supportive enough and I really love the orange band underneath to make it a more long-line top. I'm not too sure how the briefs will look on someone with lumps and bumps but it's still something I'd feel confident in. Colours are a good distraction I think!

3. Red Floral Bikini by Kelly Brook for New Look; Long line Bikini Top; £19.99; Cut Out Brief; £12.99. Complete Set: £32.98

Kelly Brook is my source of inspiration for body confidence and I absolutely love this bikini! It's got that vintage cut about it but the cut outs in the brief are just too awesome for words! My only concern about this bikini is whether the straps are going to be supportive enough to stop the rest of the bikini sliding down your body. Either way, this Kelly Brook bikini is gorgeous and I'm definitely taking it to Nerja! 

4. Purple Plaited Maxi Dress from New Look; was £19.99, now £14.99. 

I love my maxi dresses. I also love purple. Purple maxi dress? YES. I absolutely love the cut at the back and the neckline and waist detail seems like it would be flattering for ladies with a bit more up-top! Maxi dresses are perfect for either wandering around the town and still keeping relatively cool or as a cover-up when you're on the beach. 

I am a notorious hater of play-suits. I don't see the point in them as a general rule, but today I figured out an exception! I can see this playsuit being used to go from the apartment we stay in to either the local beach - which is a minute away, if that! - or the shared pool which again is a matter of moments away. It's lightweight, keeps your modesty and also looks pretty awesome.

Where is your go-to for holiday wardrobe? How do you find the confidence within yourself to rock your bikinis on the beach?

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