Weekend Wish List #1 : The Yoga Edition

I thought I'd bring something new to the blog for the weekends and this seemed like a perfect way to indulge my shopping urges. Being a very broke student is hell!! 

As you may or may not know, I recently got a membership with LA Fitness - they have student rates at £33 per month, which is absolutely incredible for the amount you get with it. When I was looking for a gym to join, I needed a pool and I needed classes. LA Fitness was the only one I found in Brighton to offer these facilities. I'm very happy to be 'back' into fitness but I do have to take things slow. 

At the moment I am working on my muscle weakness - seriously, I was shocked and pretty horrified at how bad the damage is since M./CFS came along - so there is mostly swimming and yoga going on in my schedule.

Here are some things I have been lusting over to help me on my 'physical recovery' journey: 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. It's pretty hard to get into your poses if you're feeling super awkward about whether or not your clothes fit you properly and just generally feeling like a bloated, beached whale amongst all the toned bodies around you. Having some gorgeous leggings to practice in gives you a little extra boost I think... At £80 this is a painful price tag but they are oh so gorgeous I think I'd pay it...

2. Therabands take me back to physiotherapy and my dancing days. They are a fantastic tool for strengthening your ankles and can also be used in yoga as a little assistant should you need it. 

3. You're probably looking at this wondering who on earth is Kino? Well! Check out her YouTube channel and you'll see why I am absolutely awestruck by this lady! It was watching Kino that made me realise that yoga might just be the tool I need to get my body back. So naturally, when I saw she had some products I just had to indulge. I think it's important to have your own mat, more for a hygiene reason than anything else! 

4. I love Bikram Yoga. Having a towel mat is pretty essential for the reasons mentioned above! LA Fitness does not offer Bikram, so I go to Bikram In The Lanes when I can afford it!

5. Student poverty led me to cheap noodles and I'm kinda hooked on them. While they're not horrific in terms of calories, and I don't use the 'flavouring' sachets provided to avoid the influx of sodium, I think Slim Noodles would be a real help in losing weight.

So that's this week's wish list. Now I'm free for the summer I will be able to get back to much more classes which I'm really excited about! :) 

Are you a yoga fan? Have you used yoga to help you recover from long-term illness and recondition your body?

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