The University Diaries : No longer a First Year, and some unexpected news!

I honestly can't believe I'm writing this. My first year as an undergraduate is over. My final exam was yesterday morning (3rd June) and I've been in a daze ever since I got back home! 


The blog has had to take a back-seat. How people manage to revise and keep up with blogging and social media I don't know. My brain doesn't have that much space. Revision and preparation for exams is unbelievably draining. It might not 'count' this year - only your results from second (40%) and third year (60%) at university go towards your degree classification - but getting it right at this stage is so important. Plus I just have this innate need to succeed/not fail.... 

I had three exams; Neuroscience and Behaviour (28th May), Biological Chemistry (2nd June) and Cell Biology (3rd June). Until the results come back on 11th July, I can't let myself think I've done enough and passed. If this first year has taught me anything, it's that even if you pour your soul into something, you probably won't get the grade you're hoping for. Between my final two exams, I had exactly 2 hours sleep. I took a practice exam paper and achieved a weak 40%. Cue panic and frantic revision. I think it paid off though, the exam itself went well. I think?! AAAAAGHHHHH!!!

The Biological Chemistry exam was brutal. We had an hour to answer 40 questions and draw two graphs. I did the graphs but couldn't answer the questions associated with one of them because it required a lot of calculation I just didn't have the time for. Naturally, this was going around my head on a cruel loop: 

I tried writing this yesterday but had to give up and lay down. Ended up passing out on the sofa from 10pm to 4am, then slept from 4.30am to 10.30am..... That's the level of tired we're working with right now! ;)

So. I am officially on summer break. I have nothing to do until September. Well.... Not exactly nothing. 

BIG NEWS: On 27th May, the day before my first exam, I went to a recruitment fair at the AMEX stadium which was being held by Sodexo - a huuuuuuuuge catering company. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a two hour(ish) interview. I had to talk to a group of about 40 people, twice, then had a 1 on 1 with my prospective manager. I had two options once I knew what was going to happen, and the palpatations and shakes were kicking in hard, either run and probably lose out on some desperately needed income, or stick it out and see what happens. It took everything I had in me to stay until the end. I was so scared, but used what few coping strategies I have to get me through. The session ended at 4pm. By 5pm I had an email saying that I had been successful - I GOT A JOB. 

I'm on a 'Zero Hour Contract' but that works perfectly for me. I can work when I feel able to and I still have my Disability Living Allowance. So what am I going to be doing over at the football stadium - my boyfriend is slightly green with envy at this... haha! - I will be on the hospitality staff looking after clients who pay for the 'boxes' around the stadium and also waitressing/front-of-house during corporate events, as the AMEX has so much space a lot of companies hold conferences there. I am on a social media lock-down so I can't really give any more details than that... My first shift is on Friday 13th. Yup. 

I don't know how I fall into these things. I really don't!!! I have yet to be rejected for a job I have applied for. Even with the 8 YEAR GAP in my CV. 

Pro Tip: If you have a huge gap in your CV like I do, then opt for a 'Skills Based' CV rather than an academic/employment one. Monster have amazing templates.

So right now I'm just resting and trying to adjust to not revising. I'm the first to finish from my friends so it feels a bit weird at the moment! I'm trying to get back onto blogging and all that stuff but my brain is really not having it. Sometimes I need reminding that I do still have M.E/CFS and I have pretty much just climbed Everest...

On that note I'm going to lay down in the dark.


  1. Well done for finishing first year! I have my last exam tomorrow and I'm ready to sleep for about a week... So jealous of the job as well, no one wants to hire me because I don't have experience but I can't get experience because no one wants to hire me... it's a vicious cycle! Apparently concentrating on doing well in your alevels and doing unpaid work experience is not what you want to be doing in your teens! At least I know better now...

  2. God I bet! :( seriously, well done sweetie. I can't even imagine the stress you've been under. It makes absolutely no sense that you can't get a job... The Amex stadium might still be hiring? I think the best thing to do would be to go to these recruitment events. If I hear of anything I'll definitely let you know! <3


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