The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Proud Cabaret! * (picture heavy)

Let me take you back to 16th May. I was lucky enough to be invited along to a performance by The Lady Boys of Bangkok followed by dancing times at Proud Cabaret! How did we get to Proud Cabaret? On an open top double-decker bus, as you do. Our hostess was Dolly Rocket and we were accompanied by Stephen Webb and Chris Steed from Gogglebox!

The outfit took a considerable amount of time to decide on. I found two gorgeous dresses in TK Maxx and couldn't decide for ages. In the end, the 20's style of this dress called to me. I was shedding sequins the entire night, and even this far after the event I am still finding stray pieces in my study! The shoes are New Look and stockings are La Senza. For make-up; Benefit Cosmetics, Sedona Lace and and Besame.

Their tour of "Red Hot Kisses" landed in Brighton at the beginning of May and stayed for the majority of the month! I honestly didn't know what to expect going into this, but honestly, it was one of the best nights out I've ever had! My date for the night was my best friend from university and I can attest to her loving every single second of it!

The performance itself was mostly lip-synching but combined with spectacular costumes, hilarious comedy and energetic choreography, no-one cared. The star of the show for me was Ole; absolutely hilarious and owned the stage! Sak was a close second, however. A born entertainer for sure!

It takes a lot to shock me these days, but I was genuinely almost blushing through some of the performance! Lap dances, restraints and over-use of the word "pussy" during one particular song had my mind blown. I'm no prude, I just didn't expect it! If you're a guy and you're near the stage, fair warning, you may get pulled up on said stage and have your top taken off! ;)

candyfloss_011's Lady Boys Of Bangkok album on Photobucket

I left the performance with a tinge of jealousy. It made me realise just how much I miss dancing and the stage! It was absolutely amazing and I seriously recommend you go and see them! It was so, so much fun!!!! They are currently in Cardiff then heading for High Wycombe. You can see their full schedule *here*.

I have always wondered what Proud Cabaret was like. Burlesque is something of a secret obsession of mine so to finally be able to a) see where on earth this illustrious place was a b) get a feel of what it's actually like there was equally as exciting as the first part of my night!


I will absolutely be returning to Proud Cabaret to sample their supper club menu and immerse myself in some burlesque delights. I can't fight it any more. Sequins, satin, leather and corsets press all the right buttons!

Thank you to The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Proud Cabaret for such an amazing night!! 


  1. That dress girl! I have no words.

  2. Haha! Thank you, I think? ;) sequins to crazy things to a girls confidence!


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