Foodie Friday : Jack Daniel's Extra Hot Habenero BBQ Pork

It's Foodie Friday and I have another long over-due recipe for you using Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauces!

Today we're going to be using Jack Daniel's Extra Hot Habanero Sauce; it's limited edition and absolutely amazing!! I originally thought about using the Original BBQ Glaze but to be honest I wanted to use the boyfriend as a test subject for his very spicy sauce! He loves spice, but has a 'tell' when something is just that little bit too much. He breaks out into a sweat which can be slightly awkward and also hilarious when we're in Nando's and he's being a typical bloke and ordering extra hot because I got hot.... Haha!! 

Anyway. Let's cook. 

I used pork belly for this and I honestly think it is the best cut to be using for this sort of cooking. It won't go dry! You can marinate your pork belly overnight in the Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce or for an hour or so before cooking. Up to you. Just don't get it on the skin!! We want crackling for this; and the process by which you need to get crackling is sheer heat. Sauces like this don't respond well to it and the crackling will taste like absolute crap. 

Keep your cut of pork in the polystyrene tray, turn it skin side down and slather your sauce all over it. Use the back of a spoon to rub it in and leave to marinade for however long you like! 

Step one: Turn your oven onto the highest setting possible to pre-heat. 

Step two: Turn your pork belly out onto a roasting tray, skin side up now. Get a super sharp knife and score the skin, trying not to go down into the meat. Then get some olive oil and give it a good coating, then add some coarse salt. The oil will heat the skin and serve as the 'fuel' to make the crackling and the salt will draw out the moisture to give it the texture we're after. If you want, you can add some more sauce to the base of the roasting tray with a little olive oil for the pork to sit in but it's up to you. 

Step three: Roast the pork belly according to the recommended time for the size you have. Be sure to cook your pork belly in the maximum heat of your oven for 15 minutes to give your crackling the best start, then turn it down to 170 degrees centigrade for the remainder of your cooking time. 

Step four: Once your pork belly has been cooking for it's allotted time, place it on a high-sided plate to rest. For some more bonus flavour, add a tablespoon or two of Jack Daniels Extra Hot Habanero Sauce to the plate before you sit the pork belly on it. This will give you the most incredible resting juice you've ever had in your life, trust me! 

As you can see, the crackling looks the part but sadly it's still squishy. To save the rest of the pork from over-cooking and drying out, I removed the skin and put it back on the roasting tray with some more olive oil to really get things moving. I turned the oven back up to maximum heat and basically sat in-front of the oven watching the skin fizz and bubble as it cooked. I wanted to make sure I didn't cremate it! 

Step five: After 10 to 15 minutes your pork will have been rested for long enough and given some absolutely crazy levels of juice. If you've had to put your skin back into the oven like I had to, now is a good time to take advantage of this and give your pork a really good basting in the juice! I turned the meat over every few minutes while the crackling was cooking to give it a really good chance to soak up some more flavour. 

Step six: You're done! Serve with whatever takes your fancy. I prepared some simple mashed potato, broccoli and raw spinach. 

I don't eat crackling so this is the boyfriends plate. He was a very happy boy! The flavour of the habanero was definitely there; it gave you that 'woahhh' sensation but it was absolutely not over-powering and frankly, just plain awesome. The flavour had managed to creep into the skin apparently so it had a very gentle hint of spice but all that BBQ flavour. The mashed potato was a good idea as it helped calm things down just a little. 

I really hope you enjoy this recipe! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to help. If you've given this a try, leave a link to your blog and I'll be sure to come along and have a look. I'll also RT any you send to me via twitter. 

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  1. Oh my this looks delicious! I need to start cooking more again...


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