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It's day 7 of #MatchaMay and I am absolutely in love with teapigs matcha!!! I honestly did not expect it to work as efficiently, and effectively, as it really claims to! My biggest concern was feeling 'wired' or agitated but this has never made itself even remotely known. I'm still working on the geeking behind matcha but it's a slow process - especially with life and health craziness right now. 

I take my matcha when I wake up, on an empty stomach with my usual 'first drink' of the day: hot water with a good amount of fresh lemon juice. This keeps me going all day. I don't miss my coffee boost one bit! During hardcore revision time, I can totally seeing myself adding another bonus shot into my afternoon to propel me through the torture! 

This week I have been getting to know matcha and ways to prepare it. With products like this, I think it is important to be as simple and clean as possible. However, matcha is very versatile! I still can't get to grips with an accurate description of the flavour matcha has and it's really starting to frustrate me... Anyway! 

Super-power matcha shot!

This is my absolute favourite preparation of matcha for week one! All you need is a 65ml shot of Yakult Light and the incredible aerolatte gadget! Think of it like a teeny tiny green latte to kick off your day.

30g teapigs matcha pack and aerolatte whiskThatRedheadSaid : teapigs matcha with yakult light

Take a scoop of your beautiful matcha with the cute 2ml spoon - FYI, a teaspoon measures at about 5ml - and add it to a tumbler-ish size glass. You need something with enough volume to handle the Yakult plus some spinning action from the aerolatte and subsequent foamy goodness!

teapigs matchateapigs shot glass and aerolatte whisk

I find it's a little easier to add the matcha to the glass first and then pour the Yakult over. One thing I would suggest is that you give the Yakult a serious shake to release any bits that are stuck to the bottom of the container. Grab your aerolatte and whizz away for no more than 15/20 seconds or you'll have more foam than anything drinkable!

ThatRedheadSaid : teapigs matcha with yakult lightThatRedheadSaid : teapigs matcha with yakult light

Voila! :)

ThatRedheadSaid : super-power matcha shot in teapigs shot glass

I chose Yakult for a few reasons. First, I had a hunch that matcha would work very well with soya milk and Yakult isn't too far away in terms of flavour and texture. Secondly, the sweetness really helps the matcha go down if you're really not feeling the au natural matcha! Thirdly, my thought process centered around the concept that if the bacteria in Yakult can reach the gut alive, then perhaps being in a 'solution' of safety will protect the amino acids within matcha and allow it to be more efficient within the digestive tract. I could be totally off-base when it comes to the actual chemistry of this, but on the face of it, the logic makes some shade of sense.... Science grads, feel free to correct me! 

How are you finding #MatchaMay so far? Are you loving or loathing it? Any changes to your diet or sleep patterns since starting matcha? I don't think I've lost any weight - and I'm too scared to look! - but I am not craving sugar as much, and sleeping a lot better once I actually get to sleep.

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