ThatRedheadSaid has taken a scary step forward!

Hi everyone!

Once again I have to apologise for not posting regularly; I've been super busy and of course with that comes being super-duper tired!!

For a few months now I have been going back and forth over when is the 'right' time to navigate away from and into the realms of .com. Is it how many subscribers/followers you have? Is it how much you love blogging and being part of the community? Does typing just annoy the crap out of you? 

ThatRedheadSaid is absolutely tiny. I can't force people to follow.... I know my content is very niche and definitely not to everyone's taste. That's a million per cent ok. If I did this any differently it wouldn't feel right... So there's that. It wasn't because my blog had exploded in popularity... 

I absolutely LOVE blogging. I don't post as often as I like and I'm going through a horrible social-media shyness thing again which totally isn't helping anything right now.... But the fact remains that every waking moment is spent thinking about what I could do or probably should do to make my blog better. There's a million and one things I want to write about. 

I've made blogger friends. That sentence alone is so special to me - more on that later. 

I will also be frank with you here. I'm lazy as hell when it comes to the internet and resent having to type when I'm telling people about my blog. It's just..... annoying!!!!!

So with all of those factors, and a stern word with myself that this investment needs to pay off, I bought my own domain!!! I chose because they seemed the most reliable and idiot friendly. The process of transferring across from blogspot was far less painful that I expected, on the face of it at least! 

The main problem I am having is with AdSense and the soul-destroying world of SEO. Oh my god I absolutely haaaaaaaaate it. As soon as I get up, between naps and going back to bed I am pouring my heart and soul into making the mechanics of this website work properly. 

Which brings me to a couple of things I'd like to ask from you: First, if you come across an error page, or a broken link, please let me know as soon as you can so I can correct it. Sadly, I can't pay someone to fix the list of issues I have in front of me.  

Secondly; you see that link on the top right? Could you please give it a click and answer the 5 questions I have for you? It shouldn't take more than a minute or two and would help me HUGELY in making ThatRedheadSaid a place you enjoy coming. 

Thank you all so much for all your support!!!

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