Nexplanon : Three Months Post Removal

Hi ladies!! 

Thank you so, so much for choosing to read this little series! I really hope you find it helpful. It still blows my mind that every day on my blog search history there are many different searches for various aspects of nexplanon, and that so many of you are experiencing the same problems - which of course, really sucks, but you're by no means alone. 

So! Here we are at just over three months since I had the nexplanon implant removed. I am feeling SO much better and absolutely do not regret my decision to stay away from hormonal contraceptives. They just do not agree with me and I have no issue with sticking to the more 'natural' approach to baby-proofing. I am also very lucky to have a partner than understands and supports my decision fully. 

Responsibility in sex and contraception shouldn't fall just on the ladies. Last time I checked there needed to be two consenting people involved in the process, and as uncomfortable and awkward it is, you need to make these topics as non-taboo as possible. I'm not saying you need to talk about your periods or anything of that sort, because unless they're a doctor/nurse they're just not going to understand!! But I do feel it is important for both of you to make an informed decision when it comes to hormonal contraceptives. 

Hormones are powerful critters and they can wreak absolute havoc on our bodies. The boys need to be aware of this. Talk about the potential side effects and how you feel about them. Looking at nexplanon specifically; the main problems you're going to come up against are prolonged bleeding, bloating and headaches. How will these impact on your relationship and sex life? What if you're super unlucky and you end up bleeding constantly for over 4 months? 

Some couples are in the camp of 'throw a towel down' and carry on, which is fair enough if neither of you has a problem with it.... I'm not part of that camp. More often than not.... the physical process of sex and all the related hormones associated with it would trigger a bleed. The boyfriend was very understanding and thankfully it was barely noticeable for him, but for me it was incredibly upsetting and triggering. As soon as I went to the bathroom it was back in full force and I'd just end up in tears and wanting to rip the frikking implant out of my arm.

That is not conducive to a successful contraceptive method. 

Back to the present day: I have had one period of 6 days and thankfully it wasn't a horrifically heavy or painful one. I was able to get through it with paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets and gel. I did notice I was a lot more bloated than 'normal' but this is the first time in years there has been absolutely no foreign hormones in my system so this one was just my body figuring things out I think. 

I haven't lost much weight at all, and am still classified as overweight on the BMI scale. Frustrating, but I now have the time to start trying to be more active and remind my body that this is not my set point! My boobs have gone down in size, thank god. I was struggling to fit into a 36DD, but now I'm having to adjust those bras as they're becoming a bit big! I have loose skin on them which is both hilarious and gross in equal measure. 

Stretch marks are still very much visible and make me feel very sad. I am using Bio-Oil both on my skin and in my baths as well to give my skin a much needed boost. There are probably products out there that act faster than Bio-Oil, but I just don't have the money.... So I'm just going to have to accept these unwelcome visitors to my body. Hell. I've walked around with bright red/purple scarring on my arms and legs for long enough.... 

Talking of scarring: 

Nexplanon scar: Three months post-removal.

It is red but it's doing great for a wound that was gaping. I was fully expecting a keloid. The skin on my arm is looking inflamed, but that is nothing to do with the implant/scar. I went on a day trip to the Science Museum in London yesterday, and this is what happens after a day outside on my feet. The muscles are SO sore and it just radiates outwards to my the skin - for those that don't know me or are new to my blog, I have M.E/CFS and my body reacts to any sort of physical exertion in an extreme way!

I think by the time summer is here the scar will have faded away and will just be another little white fleck on my arm. No big deal. At some point I will probably end up with a tattoo on that portion of my arm anyway so, yeah. 

That's about it for three months on. 

If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments box, tweet or email me. I really do love hearing from you!!

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  1. Sad to hear that you had such a negative experience with the implant, I've had mine for about six months and I've had no negative side effects at all, I actually think it has had some sort of positive effect on my metabolism because I'm finding it much easier to control my weight! Just goes to show how weirdly unpredictable these things are...


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