Asda made me do it : hair and skin care mini-haul

Uhm.... Whoopsy. 

Last Saturday - I think - we did our usual trip to Asda for the weekly shop. I'm still learning the layout of the store but it seems like they have an aisle dedicated to their best deals. This time it was hair and skin care, so this happened:

Skin Care

3 for £5
I know, I know. There are some people out there who think that face wipes are the devil and I can understand why they might feel that way. It took me so long to find some wipes that were not stripping my skin raw and/or drying it out. 

I think I've found the perfect product in Johnson's. I was using baby wipes for a while but they seemed to make me break out with those painful red lumps. No idea why, but there we go. I was also using Freederm wipes for ages but they were leaving my skin very dry and is an issue I'm still working to correct.

My favourite has to be the blue packet, which are moisturising make-up removal wipes. I used to be sooooo scared of moisturising products, thinking they would just make me break out even more. My skin is still pretty bad, but it's contained to my forehead now. The skin on my cheeks is super soft and in amazing condition.

The pink 'refreshing' wipes are fantastic for when I get back from uni and feel gross. It's true what it says, my skin feels like it's just been washed when I use the wipes to get rid of my make-up. If I have been cleaning the house I will use these wipes afterwards before I summon up the strength to shower.

I absolutely only wear make-up when I'm leaving the house, so my poor boyfriend has to endure looking at my awful skin, but in the long run it's for the best. I would be absolutely lost without face wipes. I do still use 'proper' cleansing products when I am in the shower or bath, don't worry! ;)

Pro tip: If my skin is being annoying and dry, I take a moisturising wipe and place it on my forehead - usually where the dryness hits - and hold it in place with a headband for an hour or so. Instant relief!

£3 each
Next up is from Loreal's 'Skin Perfection' range. I remember this being very popular among bloggers a few months ago. Big brand products like this make me nervous but seeing as it's hypo-allergenic I decided to take the plunge. 

I have only used it a few times and I must say that at the moment, I am more impressed with the 'micellar solution' than the perfecting milk. 

The micellar solution really will remove all traces of your make up which I absolutely love. You really don't need to use much at all, another bonus. My pores seem tighter and overall my skin looks happy. 

The perfecting milk isn't as hydrating as you might be led to believe, but it's good to use after the micellar solution. Again, less is more. The perfecting milk really goes a long way. It isn't an intensive moisturiser, so I think after a month or so with this product I might start to see a difference. I'll report back with that one. For the price I bought it, even if it doesn't work with my skin, it's hardly an expensive disaster.

Hair Care

Frizz-ease: 3 for £10! Nice'n'easy: £1!
I love experimenting with hair products and I love frizz-ease. My hair can be pretty unruly, especially if I'm stuck in the evil humid lab for an extended period of time. I am also becoming used to not having poker-straight hair and embracing the natural wave I have. If I can be bothered, I will try to curl my hair with my socks but at this point in time it's just not something I can be arsed with! But I do love having curly hair. It makes me feel like I'm back in the 50's if it goes right.

I haven't had my hair cut in waaaaay too long, so the ends are a bit sad. Yesterday I tried the intensive masque after the shampoo and conditioner - because we all know that these products are made to work well together - and I am so, so impressed. My hair feel just as soft as it does when I come back from the hairdressers. The ends look better. I think if I were to really focus on them and leave the masque on for say, 15 minutes or so, they would be almost normal again! 

The natural wave in my hair is really holding, without being frizzy and more like a lion-mane than anything else. Rawr.

I also bought nice'n'easy colour intensive conditioner. I'm skeptical about these products, but for a quid, why the hell not see what happens. I only coloured my hair last week, so there won't be any real fade just yet, but I'll give it a try from next week and see if it keeps this level of red up for longer. 

2 for £11
I used Garnier Olia to colour my hair this time. For my at-home colouring adventures, I used to always lean towards the schwarzkopf live colour xxl range. Garnier was on offer, so it won the battle of the hair dye.

I bought two boxes, which proved to be enough for the amount of hair I have. 

It was a really easy and mess-free application. It didn't smell like a chemical plant and I was able to clean up the dye I got on my face with a baby wipe and not have any staining.

It didn't quite take all the way through my hair, but I'm happy with the result and the random bits of brown that are still there.

So. There we have it. Thanks Asda! ;)

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  1. The Micellar Solution is pretty ace :) never tried the milk though. And secretly, I quite like face wipes too, especially for travelling or lazy days!


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