Asda made me do it : hair and skin care mini-haul

Uhm.... Whoopsy. 

Last Saturday - I think - we did our usual trip to Asda for the weekly shop. I'm still learning the layout of the store but it seems like they have an aisle dedicated to their best deals. This time it was hair and skin care, so this happened:

Skin Care

3 for £5
I know, I know. There are some people out there who think that face wipes are the devil and I can understand why they might feel that way. It took me so long to find some wipes that were not stripping my skin raw and/or drying it out. 

I think I've found the perfect product in Johnson's. I was using baby wipes for a while but they seemed to make me break out with those painful red lumps. No idea why, but there we go. I was also using Freederm wipes for ages but they were leaving my skin very dry and is an issue I'm still working to correct.

My favourite has to be the blue packet, which are moisturising make-up removal wipes. I used to be sooooo scared of moisturising products, thinking they would just make me break out even more. My skin is still pretty bad, but it's contained to my forehead now. The skin on my cheeks is super soft and in amazing condition.

The pink 'refreshing' wipes are fantastic for when I get back from uni and feel gross. It's true what it says, my skin feels like it's just been washed when I use the wipes to get rid of my make-up. If I have been cleaning the house I will use these wipes afterwards before I summon up the strength to shower.

I absolutely only wear make-up when I'm leaving the house, so my poor boyfriend has to endure looking at my awful skin, but in the long run it's for the best. I would be absolutely lost without face wipes. I do still use 'proper' cleansing products when I am in the shower or bath, don't worry! ;)

Pro tip: If my skin is being annoying and dry, I take a moisturising wipe and place it on my forehead - usually where the dryness hits - and hold it in place with a headband for an hour or so. Instant relief!

£3 each
Next up is from Loreal's 'Skin Perfection' range. I remember this being very popular among bloggers a few months ago. Big brand products like this make me nervous but seeing as it's hypo-allergenic I decided to take the plunge. 

I have only used it a few times and I must say that at the moment, I am more impressed with the 'micellar solution' than the perfecting milk. 

The micellar solution really will remove all traces of your make up which I absolutely love. You really don't need to use much at all, another bonus. My pores seem tighter and overall my skin looks happy. 

The perfecting milk isn't as hydrating as you might be led to believe, but it's good to use after the micellar solution. Again, less is more. The perfecting milk really goes a long way. It isn't an intensive moisturiser, so I think after a month or so with this product I might start to see a difference. I'll report back with that one. For the price I bought it, even if it doesn't work with my skin, it's hardly an expensive disaster.

Hair Care

Frizz-ease: 3 for £10! Nice'n'easy: £1!
I love experimenting with hair products and I love frizz-ease. My hair can be pretty unruly, especially if I'm stuck in the evil humid lab for an extended period of time. I am also becoming used to not having poker-straight hair and embracing the natural wave I have. If I can be bothered, I will try to curl my hair with my socks but at this point in time it's just not something I can be arsed with! But I do love having curly hair. It makes me feel like I'm back in the 50's if it goes right.

I haven't had my hair cut in waaaaay too long, so the ends are a bit sad. Yesterday I tried the intensive masque after the shampoo and conditioner - because we all know that these products are made to work well together - and I am so, so impressed. My hair feel just as soft as it does when I come back from the hairdressers. The ends look better. I think if I were to really focus on them and leave the masque on for say, 15 minutes or so, they would be almost normal again! 

The natural wave in my hair is really holding, without being frizzy and more like a lion-mane than anything else. Rawr.

I also bought nice'n'easy colour intensive conditioner. I'm skeptical about these products, but for a quid, why the hell not see what happens. I only coloured my hair last week, so there won't be any real fade just yet, but I'll give it a try from next week and see if it keeps this level of red up for longer. 

2 for £11
I used Garnier Olia to colour my hair this time. For my at-home colouring adventures, I used to always lean towards the schwarzkopf live colour xxl range. Garnier was on offer, so it won the battle of the hair dye.

I bought two boxes, which proved to be enough for the amount of hair I have. 

It was a really easy and mess-free application. It didn't smell like a chemical plant and I was able to clean up the dye I got on my face with a baby wipe and not have any staining.

It didn't quite take all the way through my hair, but I'm happy with the result and the random bits of brown that are still there.

So. There we have it. Thanks Asda! ;)

The University Diaries : The Campus Idiot

You know how there used to be a village idiot? Well I'm pretty sure every university has it's token under-achiever, and that person is probably me. I am really, really struggling to cope and I can't seem to get a handle on how to get my work to the right standard. 

My exam results were bad. I knew they would be bad but seeing it in front of me was just a real kick in the throat. During my time at the Open University I was always averaging around 60-70%, so to see an average for semester one of a pathetic 46% was, and is, just devastating. 

My friends were all getting incredible results and now I'm embarrassed and ashamed to be anywhere near them. Don't ask me to even try and explain how those two go together, because I have no goddamn idea. No-one said I am 100% rational at this particular point in time. 

This semester has meant that we have all split up into our various specialties, and I don't seem to have really found any other medical neuroscience students that I have made any sort of 'click' with. My social skills are really holding me back on that front. This also means that my labs are a disaster zone. Working with strangers is a nightmare situation and I am always painfully aware of my awkwardness and general stupidity.

It's all just such a frigging challenge and so, so exhausting. I don't feel at all like I should be there and they made a massive mistake giving me a place.

I'm struggling to be in lectures, and seminars are pretty much a no-go zone. I have a mentor now who is really lovely and understands mental health very well, so thankfully we're saving lots of time there by me not repeating the DSM-V to her. We're mainly working on strategies to help me with retaining information and note-taking in lectures at the moment. Once my workload gets a bit heavier she'll be able to help me prioritize my assessments and all that time-management stuff I suck at.

My confidence with approaching lecturers took a knock this week. As part of my 'research methods' module we're meant to give presentations on various medical issues that have been in the media. It's not assessed, thankfully. I went to see her to plead for mercy and just present my work to her. That part was fine. What got me was that while I was answering her questions about my condition(s) with absolute honesty and as much detail as I could give, she decided that "well, there can't possibly be that much wrong with you?!" was the best way forward in terms of a response.

It left me shocked and pretty confused. I left shortly after to go to my lecture and was really tearing myself up for basically telling the truth. Yes I do have this very severe anxiety disorder. Yes I have been trying medication for almost a decade with not much success. Yes I do need a hell of a lot of support.


I'm trying so, so hard. Every single day I push my boundaries and stay on campus as long as I can physically tolerate. But it's not enough. I always feel like I'm letting everyone down.

I have to see the head of mental health services on campus to discuss my 'situation' so she can talk to the head of my school. My place isn't at risk. I'm not going to be put on medical leave or anything. It's just very disconcerting to know that people get together to discuss students that are unwell and need to be 'kept an eye on'.

The stupid thing about all this, is that at the moment, none of this pressure I feel is coming from the university. It's all me, and maybe the boyfriend a little bit. I guess that's something to mention when I see my CPN.

It's all just so exhausting...

Adventures in Psychiatry : The Return of The Day Hospital

It's bitter-sweet. I feel lucky to be able to access such support and so quickly, but it feels like I am constantly here. By here, I mean I have quite intensive out-patient support.

I am officially under the care of the day hospital. I have a CPN - community psychiatric nurse - for the first time, and I will be starting groups once there is a space for me. The approach is very, very different to the day hospital I spent many years under which makes little sense to me as they are part of the same PCT - primary care trust. But, I was able to see why there was no money back where I used to live; it was being poured into Brighton. The hospital is vastly better furnished and well equipped for their patients.

The day hospital sits on the first floor. The inpatient wards are on the ground floor. This makes for a slightly uncomfortable feeling. When I walked into the main entrance I was met with a flashbulb memory of being escorted into the inpatient ward, the layout was practically identical and it really stressed me out.

I met my CPN and spoke to her for an hour. She explained how the day hospital works, what their groups hope to achieve and the crisis services. We both felt that I would benefit from being there, so I'm now on the waiting list for the groups and I will be meeting with my CPN every fortnight, with the option for weekly meetings if I'm struggling, to talk about my symptoms and how to manage them in a CBT format. 

There is absolutely no point talking about past trauma. It's done. It happened. It wasn't my fault. I'm moving on with my life. Absolutely no good will come of analyzing what those people did and why. The brain represses these things for a reason. 

What I need support with is managing the 'aftermath' aka PTSD. I do have really messed up thoughts and beliefs which impact on my relationship and bond with my boyfriend. I need to learn how to manage my anxiety better and be in social situations, to practice talking. I would like to learn how to manage my moods and control my impulsive and compulsive behaviours. Being in a safe space to do that is a real blessing. I want to understand my condition. It is very frustrating not knowing what this incredibly debilitating illness is called. It's not about the 'label' and having it as part of my identity or anything like that, it's just, to understand. To know what the monster is called and then we know how to deal with it.

It's a daunting prospect, but I am going to make the most of this opportunity. 

In terms of my current medication: I am officially no longer taking quetiapine. I am also not taking propranolol but that is really not working for me, so I am going to re-start that at a slightly lower dose of 120mg, instead of the whacking great 160mg which was having such a crushing effect on my cardiovascular system. The doses will be split into 40mg in the morning and 80mg slow release at night. 

I am still on 150mg venlafaxine and the rebound effect is kicking in hard. My GP told me it takes a few weeks for the effect of a lower dose to become apparent, and my god how true that is. My anxiety has absolutely exploded and my moods are very erratic. I'm not engaging in excessive spending and I don't think I'm hallucinating, but compulsive checking is becoming a problem. I have a prescription waiting for 75mg and 37.5mg tablets to continue the taper down, but I need to be very careful now. 

The day hospital needs to know what I'm doing and I need to be prepared to hear that it might take me a very long time to be clear of venlafaxine.

I have also been allowed another prescription of buspirone which I am incredibly thankful to my GP for. I only ran out yesterday after having the prescription since October, so they definitely know I am not abusing them. I don't know where they see the addictive properties in this medication but there we are. They definitely don't press that button in my brain so we're cool. 

The university has expressed concern about my attendance which makes me incredibly nervous, but I know I am covered by the DSA and if I were to be summoned to a hearing or anything I would have the student union on my side. Even so, my worst fear is being kicked out and my brain is the master of catastrophising everything.

On a different note: next Tuesday I have a medical with ATOS. 

 God help me.


Duerr's : Strawberry and Champagne Aphrodisiac Jam *

Valentines Day is almost upon us, and this might make you happy, sad or annoyed. Personally, I don't buy into it but I can get on board with the yummy food and drink that appears! 

Duerr's Logo

Case in point: Aphrodisiac Jam by Duerr's. What gives it the aphrodisiac property? Horny goat weed.... It's ok, you can giggle. I do every single time. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Duerr's Strawberry and Champagne Aphrodisiac Jam 
The world’s only Aphrodisiac Jam. Made with a heady blend of juicy strawberries, finest French champagne and a sprinkling of ground horny goatweed (a natural ‘Viagra’).
Duerr’s Aphrodisiac Jam is priced at £4.99 + £2.50 postage. It is available to UK residents only.
The limited edition jars of Aphrodisiac Jam are handmade in small batches. They will be dispatched as soon as they are ready – we guarantee that they will reach you in time for Valentine’s Day 2014.
- See more at:
The world’s only Aphrodisiac Jam. Made with a heady blend of juicy strawberries, finest French champagne and a sprinkling of ground horny goatweed (a natural ‘Viagra’).
Duerr’s Aphrodisiac Jam is priced at £4.99 + £2.50 postage. It is available to UK residents only.
The limited edition jars of Aphrodisiac Jam are handmade in small batches. They will be dispatched as soon as they are ready – we guarantee that they will reach you in time for Valentine’s Day 2014.
- See more at:
"The world’s only Aphrodisiac Jam. Made with a heady blend of juicy strawberries, finest French champagne and a sprinkling of ground horny goatweed (a natural ‘Viagra’).

Duerr’s Aphrodisiac Jam is priced at £4.99 + £2.50 postage. It is available to UK residents only.

The limited edition jars of Aphrodisiac Jam are handmade in small batches. They will be dispatched as soon as they are ready – we guarantee that they will reach you in time for Valentine’s Day 2014."

The world’s only Aphrodisiac Jam. Made with a heady blend of juicy strawberries, finest French champagne and a sprinkling of ground horny goatweed (a natural ‘Viagra’).
Duerr’s Aphrodisiac Jam is priced at £4.99 + £2.50 postage. It is available to UK residents only.
The limited edition jars of Aphrodisiac Jam are handmade in small batches. They will be dispatched as soon as they are ready – we guarantee that they will reach you in time for Valentine’s Day 2014.
- See more at:

So. What is horny goat weed? It is native to Asia and the Mediterranean regions, and has been used for over 2000 years according to medical texts. Horny goat weed is also known as barrenwort or epimedium. In Chinese medicine it is called yin yang huo. Apparently it increases blood flow and thus, improves sexual function, but of course it is very hard to find good data on this! With that in mind, WebMD cites a man suffered heart arrhythmia and that epimedium may lower blood pressure. With this in mind, use with caution if you are taking anti-coagulant or blood pressure medications. 

With all this in mind, the level of horny goat weed in Duerr's jam is very safe. I just felt the need to mention the potential side-effects if anyone were to go looking for the tablet versions!

This beautiful jam is made from sugar, strawberries, champagne, fruit pectin, lemon juice and horny goat weed. There are 45g of fruit per 100g of jam. It is suitable for veggies and vegans alike, and is also gluten free! I will say that if you are taking medications that interact with alcohol, namely disulfiram or metronidazole, it is best to give this a miss so you don't end up with a reaction to the champagne. 

ThatRedheadSaid : Duerr's Strawberry and Champagne Aphrodisiac Jam

This really is a beautiful jam. The smell is intoxicating; you can really pick up on the fresh strawberry fragrance and even the champagne! My sense of smell is very acute with alcohol though. There are pieces of strawberry throughout the jam which I absolutely love, and the dryness of the champagne really comes through on the after-taste. A true luxury right here! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Duerr's Strawberry and Champagne Aphrodisiac Jam

I would recommend using this jam to make some truly special cakes. Boys, use this jam in these recipes:

If you give these to your Valentine I can promise you will be very popular! The entire Baking for Boys recipe series can be modified to use this jam.

You could use this jam as part of a special breakfast or dessert too! Get creative and share your ideas in the comments!


#TimeToTalk Day : why is talking so hard? *TW

Hello. My name is Sami and I have a mental illness.

That sentence conjures up images of AA meeting rooms and 'confessing' your secret. It makes absolutely no sense, but this is the society we live in. The simple fact is that a mental illness is a biological illness, just like diabetes, arthritis or cancer. Do we see people in support groups saying:

Hello. My name is ***** and I have diabetes.
Hello. My name is ***** and I have cancer.
Hello. My name is ***** and I have arthritis.

No. Would these people be met with cruel comments and judgement? NO. Granted, there are support systems for those with these conditions but the context is incredibly different.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Why is talking so hard for us?

Because of you. Because we don't know how you will react. Because we are terrified of being judged. Because we have to keep our condition a dirty little secret. We can't trust anyone. We can't even tell those we hold closest to our hearts; family members we thought we could trust. We live in a society where we have to just get on with it and admitting a 'weakness' held in such contempt. Nowhere is safe.

Until something snaps. Until it becomes too visible to deny. Until you end up in crisis. Until you end up in acute psychosis. Until you end up living in the bottom of a bottle. Until you start attacking your own body. Until you end up staring into an empty bottle and are surrounded by empty blister packets.

What then?

You're in hospital. You're in a police cell. You're sat in front of your GP, a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse... 

Explain yourself. You're on trial now. Judge, jury and executioner are waiting.

You can't. You're so far gone you can't talk. You probably tried and failed, before things slid even further into the abyss.

What's the point? No-one listens. The NHS waiting lists are years long and you're not worthy of their time.

Here; take these pills. They will make you feel awful at first and take weeks to make a difference. Try exercise. Try eating better. Read a book.  Talk.


Friends? Nah. They gave up on you ages ago. Family? Pfft. What family. You told them your secret and they just wanted your benefit money, or if you didn't pay you were out on the streets. You're all alone in a very scary world with only your thoughts for company.

In desperation, you search the internet. Someone must be there. Someone must understand. You still have a shred of hope in humanity. You find forums and they become your sanctuary. The user names become people, who become friends you spend day and night talking to.

You finally see a therapist. You have no idea who this person is but you're expected to bare your soul. You're on a time limit. You haven't spoken in months, save for a few words or screaming at those hell bent on increasing your suffering. You start to make small steps of progress and your sessions come to an end. The NHS won't pay for more.

You're alone with new thoughts and feelings. Perhaps the therapy uncovered a memory you buried deep in your subconscious. Alone. Terrified. Confused.

Talking becomes dangerous and you shut down once again. You bury your thoughts and feelings in food, drugs and alcohol. Anything that will silence the noise and dull the pain you cannot describe.

"I'm fine" becomes your motto. 

Perpetual fear is your reality. 

You try to blend in to a world that makes no sense to you. You try to create your own world within which you can attempt to function. This becomes your bubble. Then it becomes a steel cage from which you cannot escape. 

Why continue to struggle? Why continue to live in such fear? You have no-one. You're alone with this monster. You fell off the radar of mental health services a long time ago. You don't see your doctor. You don't appear at A&E needing stitches anymore. You can take care of your wounds yourself. 

You are too scared to eat. Too scared to sleep. Too scared to talk. 

You shrink. You become so weak you are bed-ridden. Your chest hurts. Your heart is beating funny. You say nothing as you collapse on the floor and surrender to the darkness coming over your eyes. Please let this be it. Please. Your last thought is the one person you truly loved.

You wake up on the floor. It's dark. You were left on the floor to die. You remember that this isn't the first time this has happened. 

You remain silent, but something has shifted. You remember that special person and feel compelled to escape the prison of abuse you are in. You plan your escape in silence, only typing your thoughts and fears to your internet friends. 

You secure a new home but things haven't gone to plan. The devil has followed you. But you're stronger now. You start to talk. You have no choice or the cycle will continue. You see a doctor. You meet a psychiatrist. You start medication and gather your strength. 

You begin to email someone you thought was lost forever. The person you thought of as you were sure you were going to die. They visit you at home. You have butterflies. You feel safe and smile for the first time in what feels like an eternity. You aren't alone anymore.

You share your secret and ask for support. 

You prepare for what you know will be the fight of your life. 

The devil discovers your friend before you could speak the words as planned. However, you do not remain silent. You have to be strong and fight for what fate has laid out before you. You have not come this far to be defeated now. 

You scream for help when your phone is ripped from you and your head meets the corner of a wall. Survival kicks in and you force your frail 7st 7lb frame to get to a phone. You need help. You call the police and say as much as you can before the line is cut off. 

You endure the most vicious and longest 5 minutes of your life.

But you survive. 

The police remove the devil from your house.

You are free. 

*  *  *  *  *

It is at this point I began to talk. The date was 21/05/2009. After being near-mute from the age of 18 to 21. I told the police everything. I cried. I was visited by victim support. I decided not to press charges because I did not want to, and mentally couldn't, endure going to court.

I began to see my GP on a regular basis, and started to go outside with my new boyfriend. It was terrifying but he was right there beside me. He never lets go of my hand. 

June 2009
 This is the man I thought about as I thought I was going to die on my living room floor. This is the man I fought for with my life to be with. This is the man that saved me from so much pain, and stood by me when I became incredibly unwell as a result of PTSD and hospitalised in the acute psychiatric ward. This is the man that gave me my voice back. We live together in Brighton with our cat, Lily.

August 2010

Talking with people is something I struggle with to this day. I have had no 'formal' therapy since the age of 18 and now, at the age of 26, I begin to wonder if it is really necessary. There is so much more to be gained from making friends and talking to them, than having a therapist which always has that degree of separation.

I struggle to talk because I spent so long not talking. I fall over my words or get them in the wrong place in a sentence entirely. I stammer. I lose track of what I'm saying and become confused. It's embarrassing so it is important for me to feel safe with someone before I try to talk. 

I try not to talk about 'painful' subjects vocally because it is, well, a painful process to try and get the words out. Some things are best left alone. 

Even here, on my blog, I try to 'talk' as openly as I can about everything mental health because it is so important not to be rendered mute. But I still struggle. I am very afraid to publish some posts I have written - including this one, which is why it's so late. The internet is a cruel place and I'm not exactly anonymous. You never know what sort of response you are going to get, and the unknown is really damn scary. 

That in itself, explains why I think talking about mental health is so hard. You never know what reaction you will get. But the fact of the matter is, one in four of us have had, or will have, a mental health issue. If you have a friend that chooses you to open up to, treat them with care. Give them a hug and a cup of tea. 

The more we all talk, the more noise we can collectively make and stop this stigma against us for good.

It's #TimetoTalk


Black Tied : Bracelets

I'm so excited to be talking to you about these beautiful pieces of hand crafted jewellery from Black Tied!

"Black Tied is an independent jewellery store based in Ireland. Our goal is to create handmade pieces that feature genuine gemstones, crystals and metals that appeal to those who are looking for fashion forward and affordable jewels with a unique and edgy style that's hard to find elsewhere."

Gorgeous packaging! There's nothing better than jewellery in the post! <3

I am absolutely head over heels in love with these bracelets! It took so much restraint to just buy two. The range, and quality, is outstanding. My impression of BlackTied is that they have had a really good look at the 'costume jewellery' that you can pick up in New Look, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and so on, taken that inspiration and created real jewellery with love and such incredible attention to detail.

If you're looking for unique jewellery then BlackTied is where you need to be. 

If you've been reading for a while, you know that I cannot resist anything multi-coloured! I also love the story behind jewellery, which can sometimes go back thousands of years, and the Hamsa is one of those pieces. Without launching into mythology and symbolism, the basic principle behind the Hamsa is to offer protection from evil, death and misfortune. Who remembers that incredibly painful GMTV interview Eamon Holmes had with David Blaine? He was clearly erm, under the influence shall we say, but also showed the Hamsa.

So! This bracelet is 7" long but can be adjusted to 8", so it will fit the vast majority. The five Hamsa charms are enamel and are in keeping with the concept, with five being a significant number to Hamsa mythology and other cultures too! There is no hallmark so the bracelet is silver plated, rather than sterling silver. With this in mind, be careful when using perfume and hair spray. Always put your jewellery on once you are finished with the chemicals! ;)

One thing I do love about the iPhone camera is that I can get some pretty decent resolution! In this picture we can see the individual links of the belcher chain and that they have been secured to the Hamsa charms with a ring. I recall having to repair jewellery such as this with the exact same method - if you don't have steady hands it is the most frustrating job in the world!! We can also see that there is an easy to use clasp.

I will say that I would have liked to have seen a solder to secure these ring links as they do have the potential to unhook themselves. If this has happened to you with your jewellery, all you need to do is grab some rounded pliers and gently manipulate the ring back together. The bracelet feels like a dream on your wrist and I wish I had the photographic ability to show you in an outfit!

If I get a picture worthy of publishing I will absolutely let you know. I tried and tried but it was just no good! Oh, and this beautiful bracelet can be yours for just £10!!!

Here we have another gem! This is a silver plated, curb chain link bracelet with an infinity symbol charm.

The process of creating this bracelet is pretty much identical to the Hamsa bracelet, except I would imagine there were a lot less expletives involved! The charm is linked to the bracelet with the same ring hooks. I could not see any soldering to secure these, but again I must stress that this is a very minor issue and I am only stating this as an observation rather than a criticism!

The infinity symbol has gained popularity over the past couple of years, with a lot of people opting to get this very simple design as a tattoo for whatever reason. Given my contempt for mathematics, I would much rather have a removable and shiny version on my wrist than be stuck with it for the rest of my days.

This bracelet can be adjusted from a teeny 6.5" to 8", so this could even fit a young teen. I don't know many teens now my youngest cousins have left high school - oh god I feel ancient now - but I really think this would make a gorgeous gift! I had pathetic wrists well into my twenties so the issue of it falling off it definitely taken care of here.

Even if you have 'normal' size wrists you can use the adjustments to wear this higher up your wrist if you're wearing a few bracelets at once.

Another attribute I love about this bracelet is the king of durability, the curb chain! It's so strong that it absolutely won't snap without a serious amount of stress. Good news for me, I swear every year older I get, the more accident prone I am!

The infinity charm is raised on one side and flattened on the underside, so it sits really nicely against your wrist.

Super easy clasp to use. I don't know about you but I'm hopeless with my left hand - I'm so right hand dominant - and I can still manipulate this clasp so I can wear the bracelet on my right wrist.

I prefer to wear this bracelet lower down on my wrist, resting just on my hand.

This bracelet can be yours for just £14!!!

 So those are my bracelets from BlackTied!
I also bought two necklaces which I will show you as soon as I have the chance.

You can find BlackTied on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!
Check out their NEW ITEMS and SALE!

Shipping worldwide is a flat-rate fee of £2.99. What are you waiting for? Get yourself some jewellery fabulousness!

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