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Have you started thinking about your summer yet? Booked your holiday? The boyfriend and I are returning to Nerja in July and we absolutely cannot wait!! 

Naturally, for such a beautiful part of southern Spain, a girl needs to come armed with lots of swimwear, and Zoggs have a selection of women's swimwear for summer! What I tend to do is buy some 'proper' branded swimwear for the pool and taking a dip in the sea, and also bring along some more 'high street' pieces for sunbathing or wearing under a dress or something. The main reason for this is that brands like Zoggs are designed to cope with chlorine and sea water whereas high street brands do not always fare so well. When you have a 36DD's to control, you need that security!!

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I really like the Eden range by Zoggs; more specifically the skirted brief which is currently on offer for an incredible £9! You can choose between a tankini top or a cup-sized bikini top, which is brilliant if, like me, you're really scared to bare your stomach to the world! Both are currently £17.50, so the entire Eden range is at 50% off right now! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Eden

Another piece I really like is the Clifton swimdress! Zoggs have opted for 'fun and flirty' which I can see, but really I think cute sums it up nicely! I can see myself wearing this on the balcony or by the pool with a book, and having the option to take a little dip in the pool to cool off every so often! You could even get away with wandering around in just the swimdress and your flip-flops - I'm still thinking Spain here, it seemed to be the done thing! - or you could put a light maxi skirt on and no-one would know the difference! Currently selling for £21.50, usually sold for £43, this is a bargain you really need to grab! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Clifton SwimdressThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Clifton Swimdress

I highly recommend you visit Zoggs and treat yourself to some swimwear you can trust!

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  1. Haven't been swimming in years,but if I do go again I might check that site out


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