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I haven't talked about haircare for a while, and it really is something that I want to focus more of my efforts on this year, so what better place to start than with a brand as fantastic as Trevor Sorbie! 

I have quite long hair which generally isn't lacking in volume, so I was very cautious when testing these out that I didn't use too much too soon. For the first three washes I was incredibly frugal, using the bare minimum to wash and condition my hair; this meant using about the size of a cupped palms worth of each product. 
This was just about enough shampoo but my hair needed at least twice the amount of conditioner. I also noticed that there wasn't much bubble action going on, and attributed this to the inclusion of Keratrix™ and a lack of sulphides.

What is Keratrix?

"Obtained from the Carob tree and is rich in aspartic acid, glutamine and arginine, which all help to repair the hair’s Keratin structure. Keratin is an essential component of hair; the entire hair structure depends on the chemical bonds between on the chemical bonds between Keratins. These bonds can be broken by the weather, styling or colouring your hair which can result in dry, damaged looking hair. Keratrix™ helps to strengthen the hair and protect the Keratine balance by wrapping the outer structure of the hair with a film layer, therefore keeping the bonds in place."

What were the results?

I tested the shampoo and conditioner extensively, to ensure I got consistent results and was able to give a confident assessment. I have come to the conclusion that due to the type of hair I have, this product wasn't an ideal choice, and trying to gain even more volume was not going to be achieved with these products. My hair was left feeling dry, and while I did notice more lift at the roots of my hair, the overall effect was that of what I had to contend with during the heat wave of summer 2013. It wasn't comfortable and knotted far too easily. 

If you have thick, naturally wavy or curly hair, I would not opt for this shampoo and conditioner!

 I used this spray after washing my hair, applying from a distance and covering all layers before brushing through and leaving to dry. I noted that the less shampoo and conditioner I used, the more defined curls I got from the spray. Again, my hair felt dry but it looked nice with the curls. When I used the thickening spray after a larger amount of shampoo and conditioner, and blow dried, oh lord it was vastly too much!! The only way I could wear my hair was in a ponytail. I did like the 'big' effect when my hair was like this but it was uncomfortable after a while. 

In all a bit of a mixed result. I am going to continue to experiment with this spray, as I feel I can draw better results from this than the shampoo and conditioner, which just aren't the right fit for my hair type. 

Live and learn!

How much? Where?

You can find the Volume range in Boots, where there is currently a 2 for £8 promotion running for Trevor Sorbie products. Each product is £5.29. 

This post was written in conjunction with Kilpatrick PR.

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  1. this was such an interesting read. I really learned how to put style in my hair volume& think I'm going to do this later tonight lollll Nice hair tips!


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