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Ok, so it's not Spring time just yet, but there's no harm in being prepared! ;)

"Time to replace that old vacuum cleaner? At TJ Hughes we have a fantastic selection of cheap vacuum cleaners which not only feature modern designs but are also easy to use. We offer cheap hoovers in a number of different designs. Whether you need an upright hoover or a cylinder hoover, we have got plenty of different hoovers to choose from. Offering hoovers from top brands such as Vax, Numatic, Samsung and Russell Hobbs. With so many affordable hoovers to choose from, there is a vacuum cleaner to suit any budget at TJ Hughes."

I've spoken about TJ Hughes once before, around Christmas time I believe it was? They really are a company you need to get familiar with folks; the bargains are just amazing!!! 

If you're a bit of a clean freak like me, or you have little ones or pets, you need a decent hoover in your life. It's one of those purchases we all have to make, and I see ones like this as an investment. If you buy good quality it will serve you well and you won't have to keep making repeat purchases as replacements. 

As I'm sat here writing, I can't get that episode of The Royle Family out of my head; the one where they're going on and on about Dyson hoovers! Classic. 
Anyway. There's an affordable range of vacuum cleaners from TJ Hughes. The savings against the RRP are amazing. You can get a Freetime Robot Vacuum for £79.99!!! I totally want/need one of these, especially when you're saving a ridonkulous £170 against the RRP; £249.99.

It'd clean my floors and provide some form of entertainment for me and Lily! Win-win!! Remember that YouTube clip of the kitten sat on the robot vacuum? So cute. 

Another cool cleaning aid I discovered is this VAX Window Vac! With this awful weather pummeling the windows, they look pretty sorry for themselves. With this you can easily give them a decent clean so you can look outside without the mud, moss and whatever else is splattered on them. I'm just referring to my own windows here; living on one of the highest points in Brighton has serious down-points when the wind is blowing the wrong way! Let's not forget the delights of condensation plus cat hair in the mornings! For just £49.99, saving 50% against the RRP, that's a lot of cleaning stress taken away. You can also clean hard surfaces like worktops and I am going to hazard a guess that you could clean bathroom tiles with this too! 

If you do need to replace your vacuum; I really do recommend VAX. I had one in my last house as I had a very thick carpet and it kept it in perfect condition during my entire tenancy. When I moved out, I hired a cleaner to give them a shampoo as it's the decent thing to do when you're renting with a pet, and he remarked at the brilliant condition the entire house was in! I can't remember exactly which VAX I had but I know it was built to deal with pet-hair and had a HEPA filter. It weighed a tonne but it got the job done, plus gave me a good workout!

My current house is mostly wood flooring, so I need a different plan of attack now. I am lusting after this VAX Stick Steamer to keep the flooring free of cat hair and general germs. It would save me so much back ache! Sadly at the moment I am using wipes and spending vastly too much time scrubbing on my hands and knees. At £49.99, again a 50% saving off the RRP, that's a life-saver right there. I'm a student, I don't have time to be scrubbing floors, nor do I particularly want to! 

I might have to find some money in my budget for this one... 

For great brands, including VAX hoovers, check out TJ Hughes

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