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Here is another 'grown up' soft drink I happened to find in Tesco by chance. A relatively new company, Orchard Pig was established in 2004 by two friends: Andrew Quinlan and Neil Macdonald, using apples from Somerset orchards. 

This 250ml bottle costs £1.29 in Tesco, and sadly this was the only flavour available for whatever reason. As a huuuuuuge berry fan, I was really excited to try this and had pretty high expectations. 

There is a good carbonation to the drink, and the fragrance of strawberry was fairly distinctive. I found the poppy a little strange but I'm all for trying new things!

How I wish the taste was better. It was so disappointing. With a name like 'Very Berried' I expect a pretty potent taste experience. Alas, this was not the case. The background was there, but it's almost like someone was a bit too scared to turn the flavour dial up to something with more punch.

It was really bland, and reminded me of weak summer fruit squash. The dilution from the sparkling water, and the bubbles made for a really odd flavour.

There was no sediment in the bottle so I can only hope that it was just an unlucky batch.

There are many other flavours available: Deeply Rooted, which features ginger and chilli with fennel; and Totally Minted which has pink grapefruit and mint with lime. The sound amazing, and can only hope that this particular bottle was just an unlucky pick. I will review these flavours as soon as I can find them.

Orchard Pig also offer juices, "Juicy Pigs" which will be featured on a separate page so keep an eye out for those!

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