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Oh how I love to swim and the sound of water. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life! 

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Zoggs are a very familiar face, and a brand of excellent quality reputation. You can find everything you need for your swimming endeavors here.

Us girls have a bit of a tough time of it when it comes to swimwear. Not only because society is punishing women for looking like.... women... but finding a one-piece swimming costume or two-piece bikini or tankini that we feel comfortable in is a real battle. 

There is a great range of womens swimwear from Zoggs. 

"At Zoggs we are swimwear specialists and our selection of swimwear for women offers not only great performance and durability but also a stylish and supportive fit that will give you even more confidence in the water. Choose from a flattering and fashionable selection of ladies swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis. With swimsuits designed to flatter, enhance and support, our designers have inputted a number of key features into every piece of swimwear to ensure maximum confidence."

You can search for your size by dress size and/or bra size. For example; I am a dress size 8/10 and last time I checked my boobs had expanded to a 36D. This gave me 37 styles to choose from! Zoggs have sizes ranging from 8 to 24 and bra size 30D to 40G. If you're a C cup or below then the swimwear itself is enough support for you!

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs San Remo

For swimming adventures that aren't of the exercise nature - for example, taking the children to the pool to wear them out! - I really like San Remo Halterneck Swimsuit

The shimmer blue and black are really gorgeous colours and the halterneck is really flattering for a C+ cup bust. The rushing at the sides add a lovely feminine detail.

This swimsuit also features non-slip silicone strip as found in strapless bras, so there's minimal risk of wardrobe malfunctions! 

San Remo usually costs £35, but is currently half price at £17.50! BARGAIN!!!

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Sandon

For when you want to get your exercise on, I absolutely love the Sandon scoopback swimsuit.

The all black colour means it's naturally flattering so any anxieties you have about going to the pool should be somewhat eased! 

The metallic stripes create the illusion of a defined waist and add a cute little detail to what would otherwise be quite a boring swimsuit. 

Sandon also features full foam cups and a tummy control panel so you've not only got built-in confidence and security, your technique will also be helped along! 
  Sandon costs £35 and is well worth it if you're serious about swimming. There are glowing reviews too!

Zoggs also have an excellent range of accessories providing everything you need; from bags to swimming caps and towels to ear and nose plugs.

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Ear and Nose Plug

Training aids and water confidence aids are absolutely vital when learning to swim and increase your skills in the water. Zoggs have an excellent range of products for all age ranges. 

I absolutely love this Zoggy mini kickboard! For £7 its an absolute bargain when you take into account the progress your child will make using this! 

 Playing games in the water is also really important for increasing your child's skill and confidence in the water. Dive rings and pool balls are particularly good fun! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Dive RingsThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Float
ThatRedheadSaid : Zoggs Pool Ball
If you're already thinking about your New Year's Resolution, give Zoggs a visit and the great range of women's swimwear and accessories. 

 ..... I want to go swimming now! ;)

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