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I would like to introduce you to a corner of the internet we all need to get better acquainted with! I know we all love a brand, and feel the sting of the extra expense these carry. TJ Hughes is a vast un-tapped resource of delicious bargains and amazing products that would make ideal gifts or additions to your home! :)

Case in point: It's December and it's COLD! The cost of central heating is well, we all know what it's like at the moment. I for one absolutely refuse to be cold or stay cold because the energy companies are a disgrace to humanity. The trouble with central heating is that it can take a while to heat up your house. I have definitely noticed that since moving to a larger property.

So. If you need to warm up a room quickly fan heaters are ideal for heating the home quickly. I had a very faithful and long serving fan heater from when I was little that only recently gave up the ghost. TJ Hughes have a great range of electric fires and heaters; including 6 fan heaters to choose from and cost as little as £9.99!

I recommend the Vergo 2000 Watt Fan Heater with Cool Air Option, for the bargain price of £9.99.

"This portable heater can be used to keep warm on a cold winter day with 2 heat settings, or at the flick of a switch you can change to cool air for those hot, sticky summer days."

This would be ideal for a small bedroom or an office. I love the dual functionality too. A year-round climate control aid for just £9.99. You can't really say no to that, can you?!

For something with a bit more power behind it; I recommend the De'Longhi Convector Heater with Fan Boost for £44.99. This is exactly like my previous heater. The beauty of convection heaters is that they are able to generate and distribute warmth to the entire room within minutes. You will only need to have the heater on for 10 minutes or so before you can either turn it down or off; depending on your insulation situation! 

"This convector heater from De'Longhi is perfectly designed to provide rapid warmth and is suitable for rooms where spot heat is needed. Because of the technology used they are extremely light and quiet, and easy to move from room to room."

You can check out their entire range here: *click me for warmth*

On a different note:

As we're all painfully aware by now, there are 12 days to go until Christmas. This gives us roughly a week of online shopping. Everyone, everywhere is still struggling to make ends meet but still wants Christmas to be special. There's no need to put yourself in debt though. We all love a brand, but these come with a cost.

For the beauty-addict; Fragrance and Beauty is your one-stop-shop with amazing bargains such as Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Set, which retails at a whopping £68, but you can grab it at TJ Hughes for just £19.99!!!!

"This Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gift Set provides the perfect moisture level that leaves skin hydrated and silky smooth whilst helping to reduce dryness and irritation."

For the foodie in your life; this gorgeous retro-looking Walls Ice Cream Premium Stand Mixer is perfect! You're saving an amazing £170 on the RRP of £299.99, so you only have to part with £129.99 for a piece of kitchen equipment any cook would love to have adorn his/her worktop! This mixer comes in yellow or blue.

"This Walls Ice Cream Mixer in pastel cream looks stylish and functional, mixing the retro feel of one of Britain's longest running ice cream brands with the funtionality of modern appliances. A generous 4.5 litre bowl allows you to mix up to 2kg of mixture so you can make some large cakes and treats."

The range of products and savings against the RRP is absolutely mind-blowing. You have to check them out! There is even a sale section, for even more savings!!!

So there you have it folks! I really hope you pay TJ Hughes a visit and have a good look around to see what amazing bargains there are to be had!

Happy Shopping! :)

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