The University Diaries : "Where the hell have you been?!"

Hi friends!!!!! 

Oh my word I am so very sorry I have been away for so long. I wish I could say it was because I was doing something super exciting or on a nice holiday or something, but alas that is not the case. 

This previous couple of weeks has been deadline hell, and because I've been poorly/am poorly I've been super behind and scrambling to get everything done in time. The quality of my work is so not my usual standard at all which really makes me anxious when I submit my work but as I've been reminded several times; it's year one so all I have to do is pass, and this first term has been such a massive life change I've had to settle in and deal with a lot of extra crap so next term will be much better.

I'm waiting to hear if I have to retake my maths exams. My first exam was awful - I got 20 - but the second one was a big improvement - 32 - thanks to some very lovely friends teaching me in the library the night before! If the module was maths only, then yes I'd have to resit in August but thank god this module has a written component which is a straight pass or fail depending on whether you submitted it or not. Tolerated fail perhaps? I'll take it if that's on the table.. 


On the flip side: I honestly can't quite believe I've completed a whole term at university. That's 13 weeks!!!! Despite my symptoms flaring up and medication deciding to quit, I've not been put on medical leave or just flat out quit. I love Sussex University - despite the current drama which I won't go into - and still feel so lucky to be there. I've made friends and feel happy when I'm studying something I'm actually interested in. 

It's going by so fast that I'm sure I'll be a second year before I realise what's happened. I do need to get my eyes tested though, but I'm putting it off as it's just money I don't have. Well, I think my frames just need an upgrade really but it's been a couple of years since they were checked out sooo... hm.

In other news: I went to a blogger event!!!! It was organised by the fabulous Lyndsay over at FizzyPeaches. We were locked in at Lush Cosmetics. It. Was. Amazing!!! I loved being able to meet some bloggers and put clearer faces to names. We got to make our own 'The Comforter' bubble bar and were introduced to all the product ranges. My favourite was definitely their perfume range. It blew my mind that these change according to your skin chemistry. Naturally the geek in me was doing back-flips with excitement and wanting to know as much chemistry as possible about just HOW that comes about. Seriously, everyone had their own unique scent from the same base perfume. Absolutely incredible. I'm going to do a dedicated post on this so I'll shut up for now, but oh my god. THANK YOU LYNDSAY!!!!

I was supposed to be at the Nuffang workshop in London today but I had a horrible night of hallucinations and panic attacks, which meant I had to sedate myself at 2am and have Alex calm me down/hold me/keep me in bed until the drugs took over. I didn't wake up until nearly 1pm. I'm really frustrated and disappointed.

I think I'll close with two more positives that have happened: Firstly, Alex FINALLY secured a permanent job!!!!!! He's been an agency worker for about two years now, and the company he was temping for have decided to keep him for themselves! It took almost a month post interview for them to come to a decision. Christ knows what HR delay there was, but it's not important now. We're safe, have a little extra money and are so, so relieved.

Finally: We have our first Christmas tree!!!!! If you've been reading for a while you'll know I am very anti-Christmas but I wanted a creative project and to see what Lily would make of a tree in her house. I honestly thought she'd launch at it and pull off all the decorations, but she's just mesmerized by it! I don't know if it's the colours, textures or what, but she just sits in her chair just looking at it for hours! Occasionally she'll bat the baubles or something but she really don't seem to want to attack it. That's a relief for me as I spent ages decorating it and had so much fun doing it. I'm quite proud of it! 

We got the tree from Homebase during their sale: It was 50% off so we got a 7ft tree for £40 and it will definitely last us a good while. We looked at the trees in Tesco and such and they were nowhere near as sturdy or well built. We needed something that could handle a Lily - plus any other new additions in the near future! The decorations were also from Homebase and I got some from Tesco as they were both running a 3 for 2 offer.

I haven't put any decorations up around the house yet, but I think I'll give it a whirl....

So that's about it! I have one more assignment and then I will be back in the land of blogging for a solid month or so before the next semester kicks in.

Thank you so much for sticking around!!!! :)

p.s. - and TW - I had my first of three sessions with my tattooist Ami a couple of weeks ago! We're working to cover up the scarring on my right thigh. We only managed to do the very basic outlines during this session as I had to leave a little bit early to do my maths exam and it just really freaking hurt. My other tattoos have been more of a deep, hot, burning sort of sensation but this was like really sharp stinging which got pretty intense over the keloid scars. Everyone has levels or sensations of pain they struggle with. Mine happens to be when there's a tattoo needle going over already over-healed skin. It's totally worth it though.


  1. The tattoo looks really cool, I wanted to get one over some scarring but I'm way scared now!

    1. Aw don't be scared!! It's not that bad! ;)

  2. I love that you have a university section on your blog! I just started a student link-up and think your posts would be perfect for it.
    Oh Hey Kayspray! x
    p.s. that's an awesome tattoo!!


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