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If you like fruity flavours, or drinks that are really light and refreshing, then this is the one for you!

"The first adult looking, adult tasting soft drink.

We are Juice Brewery. We're only small, but we have BIG ambitions. We’re bringing you a new and exciting drink that not only looks grown up, but tastes grown up, without containing a single drop of alcohol. 

We’d like to introduce you to ‘WP Hopper’, the ORIGINAL Soft Brew. It’s an infusion of English malted barley and hops, with added fruit juice and sparkling water. With no additives and no preservatives, WP Hopper is entirely natural and completely non-alcoholic."

I found this little gem in Sainsburys when I was scanning each item in the alcohol aisle looking for any sign of low to no alcohol content drinks. There are three flavours available but the citrus flavour was the only variety in this particular shop. I honestly had no idea what to expect from this drink, but for £1.19 it wasn't exactly an expensive gamble!

"WP Hopper is a Soft Brew. In fact it’s the ORIGINAL Soft Brew. It’s made with an infusion of English malted barley, hops from Kent, fruit juice and natural spring water. 

All the ingredients we use are entirely natural, and it has no additives or preservatives. 

WP Hopper is also less than 100 calories per bottle, and has a truly adult taste and flavour. 

When poured into a glass, Soft Brews have the appearance of a beer with a real frothy head – the taste is smooth and mature, with hoppy undertones and a punchy hit of fruit. 

It’s the sort of drink you can live with all night. And, since it’s completely alcohol free you don’t get a fuzzy head in the morning!"

This really is a truly gorgeous drink, and I'm so happy to have discovered it! The smell reminded me of a shandy mixed with bitter lemon, and it made my mouth water! When I poured it out into a glass the colour was exactly like that of a typical light beer but without the carbonation. The citrus brew is made with apple and lemon juice, both from concentrate, making for a very sharp and slightly dry flavour. 

The soft brew range would make a perfect all-round drink for your non-drinking friends, but perhaps is better suited to summer because of it's citrus elements. I felt like I was taken back to Nerja when I closed my eyes! If you know your friend is a fan of citrus flavours, then definitely introduce them to Soft Brew! 

The 275ml bottle seems like a small 'portion', but trust me when I say it is not easy to drink this one quickly. There is such a big flavour going on that there will be no more than sipping and savoring going on. The after-taste is predominantly apple and thankfully doesn't leave that weird dry/fluffy tongue sensation on your tongue like beer does!

I would absolutely recommend that you serve this drink really cold for the best flavour. 

 You can buy Soft Brew at Sainsburys and from the following wholesalers.

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