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I love a good 'grown-up' soft drink, and I've definitely found one with Cawston Press. Their sparkling range offers a refreshing take on some classics, while also offering a more unique option too!

I found Sparkling Ginger Beer and Sparkling Cloudy Apple in Tesco, amongst the long-life juices and sparkling water. These 330ml bottles are £1.49 each, so we're still saving a vast amount of money against, for example, alcoholic ginger beer. 

 I love ginger beer. It's an absolute classic and for someone with perpetual nausea, having a really good ginger drink can make the world a much nicer place! I don't recall having the alcoholic version of ginger beer prior to becoming teetotal, but I can certainly imagine the flavour being very overpowering!

Another huge plus is the natural method by which this is made. There are no artificial nasty things lurking, and it's absolutely not made from concentrate. You really have to watch out for that one with this area of the drinks market! Ginger beer made from concentrate tastes like acid and fire, which makes for quite an unpleasant experience!

This ginger beer is an absolute delight. Serve it ice cold and sip at your leisure. It smells fresh, light and clean. The drink is slightly cloudy and there was a little bit of content sitting at the bottom of the bottle, but that's nothing a quick tip upside down didn't sort out. Just be careful when you open it after doing that.... We all know what I did.

To drink this ginger beer is a real treat. It takes me back to summer and all the happiness that season brought. It's smooth, with no flames from Hades waiting to kick you in the throat. 

"Our award-winning Sparkling Apple & Ginger is made with pressed apple juice, ginger extract and a hint of chilli for a powerful flavour. This is our tribute to the timeless classic that is ginger beer. Using a traditional recipe we’ve blended in 40% pressed apple juice for the fruitiest ginger beer in town."  

A 330ml bottle is only 112 calories and contains over 150% of your RDA for Vitamin C!
Also a winner of the Great Taste Awards 2013, scoring a GOLD! 

I really love this drink and I know you will too! :)

Who doesn't love apple juice? It's so sweet and refreshing. Imagine the combination of apple juice with cloudy lemonade. So much yes. 

"Our award-winning Sparkling Cloudy Apple drink is made with 75% pressed apple juice and just the right amount of fizz. We’ve blended the best-tasting varieties like Cox’s Orange Pippin, Braeburn and Bramley and added some sparkle – nothing else."

This drink is a work of art. There's no two-ways about it, and it's no surprise that this drink also won the Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2013! 
I absolutely love the combination of apples used to make this drink. When you open the bottle you are greeted with the gorgeous aroma of an orchard, and although there is a little bit of sediment in the bottle it's nothing to worry about. 

The bubbles are at the perfect level of carbonation to give the same effect on your tongue that biting into a sharp granny smith apple would give you. 

A 330ml bottle is 109 calories and again provides 150% of your RDA of Vitamin C. 

Simply perfect. I highly recommend Cawston Press and their Sparkling range!!


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