ThatRedheadSaid presents: The Drink Directory

Welcome to The Drink Directory! 

As you might expect, this isn't going to be a directory filled to the brim with booze. No, no! 

This is the sober girls (and boys) survival guide to the best alcohol-free drinks on the market today. You might be a recovering addict, like me, or you drew the short-straw and are the DD for the evening. Or you're pregnant and are bored to the back teeth with juices and coke. 

Whatever your reason for staying away from alcohol, I hope this will be the place you will come to find out what hidden gems are out there so you don't feel isolated. Looking after drunk friends is always easier if you're drinking something yummy yourself! 

Of course, it's going to take a while to build up this directory, but over the coming months I hope to have covered the major brands available in the supermarkets.

If you have any suggestions for reviews or particular products you want me to try and find then please come to this page and leave me a comment, and I'll do my very best to find it for you. I'm no drinks expert, but like my food reviews and recipes, I know what tastes nice to me. I also use my boyfriend as a test subject for different opinions and a guys perspective!

I really believe in this project, and can't wait to show how many alternatives out there to alcohol-laden drinks. It's not just good for your mental health, but your liver will also thank you just as much as every other major organ in your body. 

I have come to realise that it is not always just a lack of options, but a lack of promotion for these drinks which leaves us feeling lost. You really do have to keep your eyes peeled for some non-alcoholic drinks amongst the mixers and other alcoholic drinks, which isn't always the ideal product placement. 

So, once again, welcome to the sober-side of life. 
It's not as bad as you're probably thinking it is! ;)

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