New Year's Eve : The Outfit

New Year's Eve. It's not something I generally 'celebrate' but because this year has been full of changes, successes, love and loss it feels right to say goodbye to 2013 in style. 

The lovely ladies at etailPR put together a little competition in conjunction with The Watch Hut to win a New Year's Eve celebration of legendary proportions: a 3 hour cruise on the Thames for two complete with dinner at Brew Wharf, Vinopolis and a view of the fireworks.

Naturally for an event like this, we need to look fabulous. It took a lot of thought but I fell straight into brands I knew. Having the opportunity to look at watches again was really fun too. I miss working in jewellery. I absolutely loved talking to my clients about the brand and the unique qualities of the watch; features like sapphire glass, swiss-made mechanisms and more geeky additions like chronometers and water resistance. 


Yes. That is a very expensive watch. But it's soooo gorgeous and I have been in love with it since I was 18! It's beautiful, classical and has diamonds with a mother of pearl face. What more could a girl want?! 

Fear not. I found an amazing stand-by. 

I had absolutely no idea that Radley had entered the watch market! *slaps wrist* Now that I do, I need these watches. I absolutely love Radley - for obvious reasons. Having their watches in my collection of accessories is an absolute must. I honestly could not choose between these three; I really feel like any would be a gorgeous addition to the outfit.

I really should do more posts like this. It's been great fun! :)


  1. Beautiful dress - absolutely perfect! Xx

  2. That dress is unbelievably gorgeous! Trying to snap that up in the January sales will be difficult. =P

  3. Seriously in love the with dress! Those Radley watches are adorable and really reasonably priced!

    Oh Hey Kayspray! x


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