Lush Cosmetics : Brighton Blogger LOCK IN! : in pictures, mostly

As you all probably know by now, I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Lush products. So when Lyndsay of Fizzy Peaches asked me if I wanted to come to her blogger lock-in, the answer was only ever going to be HELL TO THE YES PLEASE! 

My little contribution to the evening was the incredible cakes from CakeCetera. They were very well received! 

I think we all know why this soap caught my eye... IT'S SO COLOURFUL!!! 
I'm definitely buying some of this the next time I'm in store. 

We got to make our own 'The Comforter' bubble bars!! Check out the swirl! 
If Lush are reading this and happen to be hiring..... HIIIIINT ;) hehe


The Gorilla Perfume range was my absolute favourite product introduction by a lonnnnnng way. Not only are their perfumes as saintly as the rest of their product range, but they are just mind-blowing! The individual perfume reacts to your skin and changes accordingly. I doubt the folks at Lush will let me in on their geekish secrets as to just how that magic happens, but seriously, go to your nearest store and explore these perfumes. You will have your own signature 'scent' which you can combine with others if you want! Plus the fragrance endures infinitely longer than the perfumes of Chloe, Dior, Chanel and so on. 

 I will be doing individual product reviews of my favourite products from this event over the coming weeks so make sure you give the follow button a click! 

Thank you again to Lyndsay and the girls at Lush Brighton for such a brilliant time! :) 

.... what to buy first?! 

What's your all-time favourite Lush product? Are you a bath bomb or bubble bar girl? Have you tried their perfume range or, like me, were you a bit intimidated by it?! Are there any products that might be less well-known that you would recommend? 

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