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When did I start talking about Christmas so much?! This is uncharted territory, so bare with me. 

The folks over at CartridgeSave are running a blogger crafting competition, and the winner bags an insane £500 in Amazon vouchers. FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS. The winner is selected by who gets the most 'likes' on the Facebook page - so please click the thumbs up and help me win!! :)

Making Christmas crackers is so easy, and I love how much room there is to be as creative as you like! 

What you'll need: 
  • cardboard toilet rolls (2 per cracker)
  • wrapping paper
  • cracker 'snaps' (available from craft shops)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbons and string
  • other creative adornments

How to make Christmas crackers:

Get your super cool wrapping paper - face side down - and cut it into a 20cm by 30cm rectangle. 

Measure a 10cm wide line in the center of your rectangle, about 5mm high. Score this line with scissors to weaken where your cracker 'snap' will go. Lay a cracker snap on the top of your rectangle and secure with glue.

Cut one of your toilet rolls in half. It's easier to cut them if you flatten them out. 

Line up your three rolls along the width of the wrapping paper, above the cracker snap. The longest roll should be in the middle, with the shorter ones on either side. 
Secure these with glue and gradually roll the paper around, securing with glue as you go. It is worth using a stronger adhesive such as silicone glue for this part. It is essential that the paper is kept taut. I used a tea-towel to keep the paper smooth. Secure the creases of the paper with extra silicone glue to ensure it will hold!  

To twist your crackers into their shape; adopt the same method as you would use to put spaghetti into a pan. Twist your hand in opposite directions and secure the ends with string and/or ribbon. 
Add your sweets/gifts/terrible jokes before repeating the previous step and sealing your cracker!

Adorn your cracker with as much fabulousness as you like. Be daring! Be creative! 
I used a combination of wrapping paper and papered card. Two of my crackers have a layer of coloured card underneath a vintage style white and clear paper I found in WHSmiths a while ago and just had to have... There is logic to my shopping randomness it seems! 
I tried to keep my crackers looking more elegant than garish. I created a larger pink one as I was inspired to offer it as a method of gift wrapping rather than a cracker. We all have those gifts that are just impossible to wrap and a cracker shape just seems to materialise! 
For this cracker design I used a red ribbon to match the flower on the wrapping paper, and some silver beads to add a little extra detail and festivity. The gingerbread man seemed like a perfect little adornment. I also outlined the red flowers with a glitter pen. 

 This design was inspired by my 'gift' cracker. I made this with red card wrapped around the toilet rolls before continuing with the process as usual with the vintage styled paper. I wanted to keep this cracker very simple and elegant to fit in with the 'vintage' theme of the paper, so I used very little to secure the cracker. The baubles were leftover from a pack from Tesco which I used to decorate my tree and house! I joined them together with a simple slip-knot and tied a single knot around the cracker. The single gem in the center of the cracker is an ideal touch of glamour alongside the little stars on either side of the cracker.

This is my gift-wrap inspired cracker. As you can see it is larger and thicker than my other designs. This was to accommodate any gift-wrapped contents. I used pink card and a vintage inspired piece on top of this. The cracker is secured entirely with the pink ribbon - which I believe I acquired from a gift many years ago and have just had laying around! I felt like this cracker needed a little extra something and I think the gemstone flower does the job nicely.

 Finally we have my gingerbread-man cracker! I used a single sheet of wrapping paper to make the cracker. I secured the ends with orange string and used a single thread to join the gingerbread men together in a line which ran the length of the cracker. Once these were secure I used the white and green starred ribbon to conceal the string and add another detail by wrapping the ribbon inbetween the gingerbread men. I decided to add some variety by changing the appearance of the central gingerbread man. Other additional details I added were on the ends of the cracker. For the 'top' end I used a glitter pen to outline the large snowflake design. At the other end of the cracker I added three strings of beads, in blue and silver, to lay as the ribbon would. Again, I wanted this cracker to remain elegant and original. 

These are my entries for the CartridgeSave blogger competition. Please go and 'like' these pictures on Facebook so I can win the Amazon vouchers! They would be an absolute life-line in so many ways!! 

Which cracker is your favourite? Would you change anything? Do you make your own decorations or have I inspired you to give it a go? ;)

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