Brighton Bloggers Christmas Meal : Little Bay, Kings Road

In one huge step for normality and bravery, I joined the blogger girls for dinner. Organised by the wonderful Lilla of, ten of us decended on Little Bay. We arrived just in-time for the Cabaret. It was not what any of us were expecting and was certainly an experience in the art of social propriety and what one considers personal space, but I'll come back to that. 

First, let's talk outfit. I had to buy a new one as my ever expanding boobs (I'm a 36DD folks. Let's all thank nexplanon and quetiapine for that one... NOT.) and arse won't permit a size 8 anymore. I'm still really in love with New Look and I trust their sizing. I was also drawn in because they had discounts on jumpers and leggings... It didn't take me long to find a lovely purple jacket and black-lace dress. I'm so predictable.... 

Belt: New Look
Necklace: Vintage
Brooch: Vintage
Bracelets: Accessorize
Tights: No idea!?! 
Shoes: New Look circa 2008

As you can see, I'm rubbish at this OOTD lark... but you get the general idea! 

As for make-up; I used:

Brushes: Sedona Lace professional

Primer: Benefit POREfessional
Redness correction: Natural Collection Green
Foundation: Benefit Oxygen WOW
Powder: Benefit Hello Flawless
Concealer: Benefit Fake Up
Blush: Benefit Dandelion
Brows: Benefit BrowZings
Eye Liner: Elizabeth Arden Black
Eye Shadow: Sedona Lace Glittered Gold shades from 168 palette
Mascara: Benefit They're Real
Lips: Besame Red
I didn't do anything too special with my hair as it was very windy out! I do love that my hair has finally grown. More to play with! :)

Now for the restaurant... I have positives and negatives, which is actually a good thing because I feel awkward when there's nothing to critique. 

The restaurant itself has a very unusual decor. It's very red and is something of a mix between what I felt was Victorian and something out of Arabian Nights! I liked that you could have your own private little table in the upper areas, however that positive aspect was abruptly slapped with a LOT of caution and it becomes a place you cannot escape. 

Why would you want to escape? Well. Imagine you're sat there, enjoying your meal and the company you're with, only to have an opera singer bellowing out tunes like she's trying to fill the sodding Royal Albert Hall. In your face. A total violation of decorum and personal space. I'm all for entertainment, but there is a time and a place and that was not it. I certainly did not go into this expecting to have a woman dressed in red glitter singing in triple digit decibels, all up in my personal space. No. 

What really sealed it for me was when she started singing about inflicting her vagina on a mans face. Lady. People are trying to eat. We don't want to hear about your beef curtains being wrapped around some poor sods gob. Shut the **** up and go away.

It was painfully awkward for everyone and the ordeal couldn't have been over fast enough. We couldn't talk to each other. We had to exchange pained looks in between audible onslaughts. 

Ok. The food. It wasn't anything spectacular, I'll be honest. Middle of the road. The only glaring mistake was that a roulade of salmon was not exactly thought through properly. Case in point: 

Penis.... I know you're thinking it. 

This dish was served with potato gratin and far too little ratatouille. For £7.25 it was alright... My starter was a step into the unknown with goats cheese croquette with a red onion and fig tarte-tatin. It cost £3.45 which again is reasonable, but the balance was all wrong. There was vastly too much cheese and my tarte-tatin had belly-flopped into my plate with a splat. Ideal flavours but just wrong quantities. Go easy on the cheese!!!! 

To drink I just had a 750ml bottle of sparkling water which was about £2.75. I couldn't manage dessert. I think it was a mixture of rage at the noise my eardrums had been inflicted to and the cheese bomb I started the meal off with! 

The entire menu was very rich, so really any combination would leave you feeling like a nice sorbet would be ideal instead of a chocolate brownie or apple pie! But maybe that's just me. 

Would I go back to Little Bay? I'm not sure. 

But with all of this aside; getting to spend some time with the blogger girls was great fun and I really loved seeing them all again - or indeed meeting some for the first time! I'm at the stage where I can recognise faces but the names are still a bit stuck. Progress though! 

It was certainly a talking point and I know some got good videos and pictures. Mine were mostly a disaster, but here are some good ones that survived the awkward as hell lighting! 



Thus concludes the Brighton bloggers Christmas Meal 2013.
What insane place shall we go to next year?!
*** DISCLAIMER *** Views are my own and do not reflect that, nor were they influenced by, that of the group.

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  1. That meal certainly looks interesting!You look fab, glad you had a great time (barr the weird awkward singing!). xx


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