Benefit : the super-secret re-buy haul!

Back in early spring - Ok, who's already got The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in their head?! haha - I discovered Benefit and was instantly obsessed and hooked with their range. For so long I had been using what was essentially the wrong products for my skin-type - combination/oily. I acquired some testers, and put them to use. The teeny tiny bottles lasted for so long, it was mind-blowing! That in itself served as some reassurance when it came to buy a full size product; despite the painful price tag, it's going to last and is just freaking amazing. 

So. Along I went to Debenhams as I have their beauty card to give my make-up collection a serious upgrade. This was the result: 

Uhm.... Whoopsy?! 
You're looking at almost £100 of product. 
Necessary purchase? Hell YES it was.

So the re-buys were the Oxygen WOW foundation and pressed powder. The coverage it amazing and it's just so light on the skin. Of course, it's oil free too so if you've got nightmare skin like me this is an absolute god-send. You can cover up your blemishes without suffocating your skin and making the situation worse. 

These are absolute essentials and I don't resent paying nearly £60 for such quality. 

The confidence I get from these two products alone is just.... really cool.

This is dandelion. It's a blusher. Yes, you heard me right. I actually took the plunge and bought a blush. 

I've been perpetually scared of this particular corner of cosmetics. The amount of tutorials I've watched and demonstrations I've had on blusher is getting silly now, but doing it myself is just so scary. 

I'm frightened I'll look like a clown or something! Nevertheless, it's in my collection now and I'm tentatively exploring the land of rosy cheeks sans pinching.

The fragrance on this blush is absolutely gorgeous by the way. It's a really unexpected bonus!

* I tried swatching this but it's beyond my skills as a photographer! It's so subtle and just wouldn't show up on camera! *

Last but not least; BROWzings! I initially went in looking for a pencil, but after being shown the absolutely amazing results from BROWzings, I absolutely had to have it. It's just such a different texture... is that the word I want? I'm not sure. A pencil looks like you've been at your brows with a pencil; whereas BROWzings looks natural, and using the adorable little brushes included with the set is just so much easier. You have to be careful of pressure and missing bits with a pencil, whereas BROWzings is build-able and you can be as light or as bold as you want without it looking like you've stuck some brows on your face.

I forgot to take a picture of this before using it - I was just too excited to play with it! - so I apologise for this one but I'm sure you understand what it's like! ;)

Here's my Benefit collection thus far!

What's your favourite Benefit product? Are there any that you'd like to try out? 
The 15 hour primer is on my hit list!


  1. Very jealous of all your Benefit products! I love their Bella Bamba & Coralista blushes - so pretty! x


  2. So jealous! I'm am beyond broke right now. But I really wanna try They're Real mascara!


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