2true Pro : Salon Shine & Sequins Nail Polish : Eva and Nicole

"Want the salon look without the price tag? With high shine, intense colour coverage and an extra glossy finish the Salon Shine Nail Polishes give you a professional finish nail that you can achieve at home. With five exciting shades to choose from, be it baby pink Taylor or tangerine Mila you'll be spoilt for choice!"

Well this is unexpected. I'm actually starting to really like doing these nail posts! I don't know why it's taken me so long to catch onto this idea. I love colours, and expressing that via my nails is perfectly socially acceptable compared to some of my other ideas.. 

So. This is Eva.

I apologise for the messy application. My hands have a perpetual tremor now thanks to my medications, so we'll just have to look past that for the moment! 

It's a gorgeous polish and absolutely bursting with sparkles. It doesn't have a smooth finish on the nail like others might, so it's a little bit prone to peeling, but if you give it a decent top-coat it's more durable. 

As with my previous reviews, I still recommend using a base coat. It makes the whole process of taking the polish off a lot less of an ordeal! 

I really love this polish and it's perfect for Christmas and New Year gatherings!

 This is Nicole. This shade of purple is absolutely gorgeous. As you may or may not know, purple is my favourite colour so I'm just naturally drawn to this one!  

It's so glossy and rich that applying it was really easy. Once it's dried after it's second coat it's just so smooth that I really can't stop stroking at my nails. I know that sounds weird but... seriously, when something is that silky smooth it's just what I do. 

I used a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a single top coat. 

It's not as strong as Eva, and I have noticed some chips and cracks from my general clumsiness, but nothing too disastrous! 

I'm still a big fan of 2true and will definitely be asking Santa for some more polishes to add to my collection. 

Currently; 2true are half price - across their ENTIRE RANGE - on a web-only offer at Superdrug!

 Go forth and purchase!!!! A couple of polishes would make a great little present; either for a girlfriend or just as a treat for yourself. 

Go on. Go on. Go on. 

There. I went all Mrs Doyle on you. 


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