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Hi friends! 

Today I'm going to introduce you to an absolutely incredible company: 

"Hello I’m Pauline the founder of Cake-Cetera,

I was inspired to set up the business after losing my mum to cancer. While mum was in hospital I was shocked to find that flowers were banned from the wards. I found that most people brought in cake instead and so Cake-Cetera was born in late 2011.

Originally making and delivering cakes from home in Glasgow, we have now grown into fancy premises and delighted to now have an amazing team of staff who love cake just as much as me.
We are delighted to now extend deliveries nationwide and are committed to bring you more amazing goodies direct to your door.

Pauline x "

I was very kindly sent some push pop cakes to serve at my event - but sadly it was postponed at the last minute and the cakes are now in the deep freeze until we reschedule! I couldn't help but try one of each variety that Pauline sent, so here are my thoughts!
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"Our strawberry cake push pops contain layers of vanilla sponge topped with strawberry butter-cream and sprinkles… Yum! Perfect to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl!"

Oh my. Where to begin.

I tried this one as soon as they arrived as it lost it's little plastic 'hat' when I unwrapped it. I am not kidding friends, my knees went weak! The butter-cream is an absolute work of art. It's not heavy or greasy; it's light, creamy and full of beautiful strawberry flavour.

The vanilla sponge is equally as skillfully made. So light and a perfect compliment to the strawberry.

If you like strawberries and cream - who doesn't?! - you need this in your life.

Chocolate Push Pop

"Who doesn’t love chocolate cake but let’s face it… it’s messy! Our dainty little push pops are much more lady like for those that miss their mouth. Layers off chocolate cake topped with chocolate butter-cream and chocolate curls."

This is, without a doubt, the best cake I have ever eaten.

The chocolate is just..... perfection!

Look at how much butter-cream there is! The best part? It's not over-whelming and sickly. The balance is just right, and I honestly couldn't stop smiling when I was trying it out. Again, the textures are light and perfectly balanced. If you're hosting a party and you have chocolate lovers coming, just get a few batches of these beauties and you'll be a very popular host!

I'll share a secret with you.... I actually got goosebumps while eating this:

You absolutely MUST try these. Get them in for your Christmas party.

Go on. Go on. Go on. (a la Mrs. Doyle)

Vanilla Push Pop

"Kids love cake push pops but they are also a huge hit with the mums! Our vanilla cake push pop contains (Yip you guessed it) vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. Topped with coloured sprinkles…Yum!"
SPRINKLES!!!!! Who doesn't love them?!

This is such a decadent treat to have on offer at a party or event. I think  these would be absolutely ideal at a wedding or perhaps a christening or kiddies party.

Having been using vanilla in my cakes for a while now, I can definitely appreciate the level of skill involved in finding just the right balance.

Once again the textures and flavours are uniform and the vanilla is not over-powering at all.

Absolute perfection with a cup of tea.

..... and last but not least!

Lemon Cake Pop

"Zingy mouthwatering lemon cake layered with lemon butter-cream and sprinkles."

Now. I'm a huge lemon fan. I love the sharpness and how refreshing it is. I still have my lemon slices in hot water every morning!

Does this cake have lemon in it? Yes, yes it does.

However, I found that the lemon butter-cream was a touch too strong and sickly sweet with the lemon sponge. On it's own, the sponge is beautiful, but with the mountain of butter-cream ontop the flavour was too strong for me.

I can handle some serious sweetness before it gets too much. With the other cakes, I could have devoured every single on if they weren't frozen, but the lemon cake pop is definitely a single dose affair.

Lemon overdose aside, the butter-cream and sponge were as beautiful as the others and I'd still recommend this cake.

Flavours are a very personal thing and everyone has their own palate and what they like and don't like.

With the holiday season upon us, and lots of us planning parties and gatherings, save yourself the stress of baking and give Pauline an email. You'll be a very popular host(ess), that I can guarantee! A box of 12 cake pops is £27, either a single flavour variety of mixed. There is also a carrot cake pop available, however this contains walnuts so I can't review this one sadly! Stupid allergies!!

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And now; some food porn because I'm nice like that: 


  1. Oh my, foodgasm.
    The strawberry push pop looks so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum, I love the look of these. And thank you for the food porn ;)


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