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"Want the salon look without the price tag? With high shine, intense colour coverage and an extra glossy finish the Salon Shine Nail Polishes give you a professional finish nail that you can achieve at home. With five exciting shades to choose from, be it baby pink Taylor or tangerine Mila you'll be spoilt for choice!"

Hands up who remembers my first 2true review? Nope. I didn't either! It's been so long since I braved these waters but I love trying out new 'topics' so here we are again! 2true can be found in Superdrug, and they are currently on offer: 3 for £5 so naturally I indulged. 

I've never worn red nail polish or red lippy until recently. They're very 'statement' colours and although I find security in my red hair, having red nails and/or red lips invokes a tinge of anxiety. Don't ask me why... I'm just weird like that. 

I just had to try the red first. It's called Jessie and I am in love!! Before I used Jessie I applied an undercoat from 17. 2true say to use 2 coats and I can definitely say that this is necessary. I tried one coat and went out, and it chipped. Now, I am really clumsy so that probably doesn't help but perhaps this would have been avoided had the extra coat been on.

Jessie nail polish. David and Goliath 'Come to the Dark Side' PJs.

I do feel like this has given me something of a confidence boost! Whenever I look at my nails, I feel like "oooh, red nails, sexeh" .... Haha. It has a beautiful glossy finish and will last a good 5 days before it starts to struggle. If you're clumsy like me.... I'd say 3-4 days before you will probably need to do a little re-touching.

If you haven't gotten acquainted with 2true yet, I really think you should! Their nail varnishes are a real quality product at an absolute bargain price!

 How do you feel about statement nails like these? Do other colours make you nervous to wear? Let me know! :)


  1. Funnily enough, I remember your first 2True review - it was an orangey shade, right? (eek, hope so.)
    I love this shade of red and enjoy wearing it however I feel a bit nervous in a statement red lipstick - I always think it's smudged or on my teeth - at least with nails you can see them and check they are all in order! xxx

  2. Love the color!! Would love to see a review for the purple shade as well:)


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