The University Diaries : The Student Loan Saga, an epic fail and Koneko Cat Cafe crowdfunding!

Dear Diary, 

Oh my goodness. I have been SO busy!! 

Now you can see why my posts are so few and far between! This is a rare week - 17.5 hours - but my timetable is never less than 13 hours.  

Tuesday evening was my first formal exam. It was maths, and I really thought I did ok. However, it turned out I failed in spectacular fashion, scoring just 20%. You need 40% to pass. On the one hand I wasn't at all surprised because it's maths and I suck at it. But then I get bouts of utter despair and terror. What if I fail my 1st year? That thought keeps me awake at night, and is triggering a lot of anxiety. 

I know Sussex is one of the few universities that still have tutors and tutorials, so the help is there, it's just awful having to ask for it. I feel like showing my weak point will count against me and they'll kick me out for being a total idiot. Back in the land of the rational that is utter bullshit, but these are the thoughts and feelings I'm up against at the moment. 

On a more positive note, I'm doing really well in Molecular Biology. My tutorials are going well and my memory is kicking into gear with genetics and proteins being covered at the moment. I also have a lab partner now I've switched groups! If I was working alone last session I'd have been there all sodding day, there was so much to do! 

I was still last out because we had to draw a graph during the lab session and I was really struggling with it. God it's so embarrassing. At least our results were good!

This weekend has been a long one. I didn't go to my 9am on Friday, so I've been at home since last Thursday afternoon. I cannot explain just how badly I needed to rest and recover from the past couple of weeks. The level of pain is creeping upwards and my digestion is shot. I'm gaining weight again and I'm 99% sure most of it is water retention. Given the amount of medication I'm on it wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the case. I know my body well enough to know what real weight and water weight feels like. The anti-psychotic bloat is upon me. 

On Saturday we had our first house guest! The boyfriends friend crashed at our place as they were going up to London the following morning to watch the NFL at Wembley. Lily was so well behaved! She wasn't scared and didn't hiss or growl. She was a bit shy but seemed happy enough to let him sit in her chair and slept in the bedroom with me as normal. I'm really proud of her!!! 

Sunday. Well. We all know what went down on Sunday. God it was not something I wanted to face alone, seeing as I already struggle to cope in this house. Lily was behaving very strangely. She would not move from her 'safe spot' under the bed all day, apart from dinner time and snack/bribery sweeties. As far as I can tell, the house held it's own and there's no damage, but we need to have the roof checked in case we've lost some tiles or there's damage up there. The fences stayed up. The trees didn't fall. We were very lucky. It was a long, long night though. 

I did a test batch of Halloween cupcakes before the storm hit. I will upload the recipe as soon as I can. I need to make some minor adjustments to the recipe to get the colours right. 

Which brings me on to my final piece of news: The Student Loan Saga. IT'S GOOD NEWS!!!!!! I am getting my maintenance grant this Thursday and my loan will arrive 10 days later once my National Insurance number has been verified. It's such a relief to know that this is almost over with. I have £50 in my current account, and I'm £75 short on rent money in my student account so the timing is pretty much perfect. In the back of my mind I'm aware that it might not come, and as usual I have a contingency plan in place. But for today at least, things are looking better. 

On a final note: Koneko Cat Cafe have launched their crowdfunding!!! They need £42,000 and there are lots of ways you can support them:
  • for £1 you can download a song written by John called "Acting Like a Cat"; 
  • for £2.50 you can mew up your phone with an MP3 of Sir Fluffington and Sushi's meows, which have been worked to the Nyan cat song, 
  • or for a mere £5 you can be the Early Cat that catches the coffee, by coming into the premises 30 minutes before opening time, to get some exclusive time with the resident kitties! 
There are so many more options, it's just amazing. You need to check it out and buy, buy, buy!!!

Check out their page, and awesome video, share it with everyone you know so we can bring this amazing project to life!! 


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