Ted Baker : Take The Scenic Route : My Favourite Picks and Fashion WTFs

Remember when I went to London for the fashion show for this collection? This post is LONG overdue. In part it is because I've been scared to do it! I don't talk fashion terribly often and it's not a high street name I'm talking about here, it's Ted Baker!! But now it's actually Autumn, I can talk about this collection without feeling weird!

Favourite Pieces

Ohhhhhhh my gosh. How amazing are the shoes!? Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh I love shoes. I'm not ignoring the beautiful clutches either! Absolutely beautiful!! <3

This is just divine! It's got that equestrian vibe which I'm a big fan of, and either as an outfit or as separates it would work really well. I'm crushing on this bag too. If I could afford it, I'd totally adopt this as a uni bag! I don't know if my figure would allow the trousers to be a look I could pull off, but if you happen to be blessed with a figure like this beautiful creature here, then you should totally start rocking these trousers.

This is so simple and pretty!! I absolutely love the green shoes with this lightly printed dress. My mind immediately shot to Goodwood Racecourse and Ladies Day when I first saw this. Or you could pair this with a blazer jacket and seam tights for an interview or meeting look.

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Purple is one of my absolute favourite colours, and the off-pink combination just screams wear me! Admittedly, with my red hair it might be one step beyond acceptable, but oh gosh it's just a beautiful piece. Even the gloves! Leather is pretty darn sexy, so bright pink leather gloves now feel like a must-have... Yes, I must have them. And the dress. And the shoes.

I have two words for this collection: Meg Ryan. That is all.
Hatstand - Top to Bottom

Fashion WTFs

I'm sorry to have to do this Ted Baker, but these really did just bring out the WTF in me!

Ok, so the shoes and the bag are ok. But the jacket-trouser combination is just painful to look at! Perhaps separately they'd work but the print is just.... It's not working for me.

Oh sweet Jesus. This is all kinds of wrong. It reminds me of bad 60's-70's wallpaper. 

My eyes! Oh my lord. The trousers are a complete write-off in my opinion. It's like wallpaper combined with a really old diary type design... The coat is lovely, but not in this outfit. Holy clash, and not in a good way. I still can't fault the shoes. They just about work with the trousers but not in the outfit. If you're going to clash, you do it once... not three times! Ouuuuch.

So those are the pieces that moved me the most in one way or another. During the fashion show I saw a lot more that I loved than loathed; the block bright colours of the coats, definite yes. The yellow and black prints on the dress and harem style trousers, I can get on board with that. I absolutely love the vintage inspired coats and suits! Velvet? I'm sorry, but no. It has no place as a suit jacket. Or anything really. The shoes and accessories I absolutely cannot fault. I need them all in my wardrobe. Utterly besotted!!! I love the simplicity and elegance of the cream/white coats and dresses. The metallic shimmer dresses really caught my eye, especially the purple one. 

What do you think? Can you handle prints as garish as this? Or are you more of an understated elegance kind of girl?

Ted Baker, I love you and once again thank you for the opportunity to get a first-hand look at your amazing designs. I will definitely be asking Father Christmas for some shoes or a bag! :) Maybe I'll see you for SS'14? ;) 

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  1. I totally agree with your wtfs, printed suits are just a no in my mind.
    I love the purple&pink dress though. Even if I don't really do pink much


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