How to cook : skinny and spooky halloween cupakes!

Happy Halloween!! 

Jack and I would like to show you how to make some cupcakes, that are light on calories but scarily awesome.

This is a recipe that has never, ever failed me. The key is to not only measure accurately, and to treat the mix with care, but to use the best quality ingredients. 

What you will need:

100g self raising flour, sifted twice
100g softened butter
100g caster sugar or 10g splenda
2 medium eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
icing sugar
food colouring

Let's get our cake on:

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees, and line your cupcake tray with cases. This mix will make 12 cupcakes.

 Cream the butter and sugar (or splenda) together until light, and fluffy. You should be able to form peaks and the mix should have increased in volume by almost double. 

Add the vanilla extract to the eggs. Add one egg at a time with a tablespoon of flour and beat in well. Make sure to scrape the sides of the bowl in-between eggs to ensure everything gets mixed in thoroughly. 

Once both the eggs are mixed in, switch to a large metal spoon and gently fold in the remaining flour. 

Before you add the flour it will look like it's about to split and/or curdle, but don't worry!

Add your chosen food colouring, taking care to keep the air in the mixture while folding. If you are concerned you have knocked the air out, add a small teaspoon of baking powder. Once you have your desired colour, spoon into the cupcake cases. Each case should get 2 heaped teaspoons.

Bake in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, or until a toothpick comes out clean. 

Transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool. 

 Icing is fun!

 I have always struggled with icing. It generally takes a couple of attempts before I get the right consistency, so playing with food colouring made for an interesting experiment. I opted for three colours to go with my orange cupcakes: black, white and purple. 

Black icing is a bugger to make. I made grey icing on my first attempt, before a very kind soul on twitter pointed me in the direction of this very helpful hint: to make black icing, use cocoa powder with black food colouring. Keeping to the low-calorie theme, I opted for 2 tablespoons of options hot chocolate powder with 75g icing sugar. It also helps to add hot water to the black colourant and add it to your icing in a 'base' of a teaspoon of icing sugar. This will contain the dense black colour in the sugar rather than dissolving it in the liquid. 

For each colour, I used about 75g of icing sugar but this was airing on the side of caution. For 12 cupcakes you should  need about 125g total. 

There we have it! Easy! 

Happy Baking! :)


The University Diaries : The Student Loan Saga, an epic fail and Koneko Cat Cafe crowdfunding!

Dear Diary, 

Oh my goodness. I have been SO busy!! 

Now you can see why my posts are so few and far between! This is a rare week - 17.5 hours - but my timetable is never less than 13 hours.  

Tuesday evening was my first formal exam. It was maths, and I really thought I did ok. However, it turned out I failed in spectacular fashion, scoring just 20%. You need 40% to pass. On the one hand I wasn't at all surprised because it's maths and I suck at it. But then I get bouts of utter despair and terror. What if I fail my 1st year? That thought keeps me awake at night, and is triggering a lot of anxiety. 

I know Sussex is one of the few universities that still have tutors and tutorials, so the help is there, it's just awful having to ask for it. I feel like showing my weak point will count against me and they'll kick me out for being a total idiot. Back in the land of the rational that is utter bullshit, but these are the thoughts and feelings I'm up against at the moment. 

On a more positive note, I'm doing really well in Molecular Biology. My tutorials are going well and my memory is kicking into gear with genetics and proteins being covered at the moment. I also have a lab partner now I've switched groups! If I was working alone last session I'd have been there all sodding day, there was so much to do! 

I was still last out because we had to draw a graph during the lab session and I was really struggling with it. God it's so embarrassing. At least our results were good!

This weekend has been a long one. I didn't go to my 9am on Friday, so I've been at home since last Thursday afternoon. I cannot explain just how badly I needed to rest and recover from the past couple of weeks. The level of pain is creeping upwards and my digestion is shot. I'm gaining weight again and I'm 99% sure most of it is water retention. Given the amount of medication I'm on it wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the case. I know my body well enough to know what real weight and water weight feels like. The anti-psychotic bloat is upon me. 

On Saturday we had our first house guest! The boyfriends friend crashed at our place as they were going up to London the following morning to watch the NFL at Wembley. Lily was so well behaved! She wasn't scared and didn't hiss or growl. She was a bit shy but seemed happy enough to let him sit in her chair and slept in the bedroom with me as normal. I'm really proud of her!!! 

Sunday. Well. We all know what went down on Sunday. God it was not something I wanted to face alone, seeing as I already struggle to cope in this house. Lily was behaving very strangely. She would not move from her 'safe spot' under the bed all day, apart from dinner time and snack/bribery sweeties. As far as I can tell, the house held it's own and there's no damage, but we need to have the roof checked in case we've lost some tiles or there's damage up there. The fences stayed up. The trees didn't fall. We were very lucky. It was a long, long night though. 

I did a test batch of Halloween cupcakes before the storm hit. I will upload the recipe as soon as I can. I need to make some minor adjustments to the recipe to get the colours right. 

Which brings me on to my final piece of news: The Student Loan Saga. IT'S GOOD NEWS!!!!!! I am getting my maintenance grant this Thursday and my loan will arrive 10 days later once my National Insurance number has been verified. It's such a relief to know that this is almost over with. I have £50 in my current account, and I'm £75 short on rent money in my student account so the timing is pretty much perfect. In the back of my mind I'm aware that it might not come, and as usual I have a contingency plan in place. But for today at least, things are looking better. 

On a final note: Koneko Cat Cafe have launched their crowdfunding!!! They need £42,000 and there are lots of ways you can support them:
  • for £1 you can download a song written by John called "Acting Like a Cat"; 
  • for £2.50 you can mew up your phone with an MP3 of Sir Fluffington and Sushi's meows, which have been worked to the Nyan cat song, 
  • or for a mere £5 you can be the Early Cat that catches the coffee, by coming into the premises 30 minutes before opening time, to get some exclusive time with the resident kitties! 
There are so many more options, it's just amazing. You need to check it out and buy, buy, buy!!!

Check out their page, and awesome video, share it with everyone you know so we can bring this amazing project to life!! 



Adventures in Psychiatry : discharged


Wow. This has been a while...

Back in February I was referred back to the community mental health team as an emergency following a very frank conversation with the Time to Talk service. I don't remember much of those very dark months, other than I was severely depressed and actively suicidal. I knew how. I knew when. I had no feelings left or concept of how anyone else would react. If I couldn't feel anything then that must be normal, therefore everyone else was as dead as me so my 'confessing' to my plans would be no big deal. Obviously, this is isn't exactly a logical thought process! Even now, I'm still conflicted by those thoughts and events, but that might be because of the current state of my mental health, but I'll come to that later.

I was assessed at the day hospital and escaped being admitted to the inpatient unit. Instead, I would be attending the day unit for therapies and monitoring.

Have you read the posts on depression by Hyperbole and a Half? They are so spectacularly accurate and well-written. It is exactly what I was feeling, thinking, doing... All of it. How to keep going when everything feels like bullshit and a favor to your friends and family? Every breath is a resentment, or WAS a resentment.

The day hospital tried to make me see a reason to keep going, not just for those who apparently loved me, but for myself. I needed a purpose. Yes, I am Lily's mummy but being so severely depressed meant I felt incapable of caring for her and genuinely believed she would be better off with someone else. Someone who wasn't a useless lump of shite that subsisted in a world of addiction and pain.

I was first admitted to the day hospital in 2006 and placed under the care of Anna. In 2013, I was back - for the fourth or fifth time - and she was still there. I think they were aware that this was something of a last ditch effort before inpatient alternatives were sought out. Anna's prior knowledge of my case history made a huge difference in the outcome of our discussions. She remembered the very start of my illness, and had seen it evolve over the years.

My acceptance by Sussex University was in big red letters on my file. Obviously it was huge news. I think if I had been assigned someone other than Anna, I wouldn't be sitting where I am today as a current student of Sussex. She knew how much education meant to me, so she zoned in on this.

My purpose, my goal, my challenge was to go to university in September. It was the only thing to get any sort of emotional response out of me, so it was the right call to make. Making it a challenge just pushed at my stubborn "I'll show you" streak when people start doubting me. The last thing I wanted was to be admitted to hospital. I might have been prepared to die but I also valued my freedom.

The day hospital operates on group therapy. It was practice for attending lectures and seminars, having a timetable and work to do at home. Combined with the right medication cocktail, things slowly began to improve. I was able to go on my first holiday abroad two days after celebrating my first year of sobriety. We began searching for our first home together in Brighton.

It was stressful - ha, ok, a bit more than just 'stressful' - It was scary. It was not easy, but the support was there to help me make my own way, as I have done for the majority of the time I've been unwell. Whenever I have fallen down, cried and begged to be left behind to die, something has always come along and either given me a sharp kick up the backside or a supportive hand to get back up and carry on.

What have I learned? How am I sat here today?

When something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, it's all too easy to fall into self-destructive behaviours and habits to avoid those emotions, thoughts, whatever it is you don't want to face. Avoidance gets you nowhere, other than stuck in a vicious cycle of your own self-abuse. I was watching my life disintegrate into nothing, and I wanted it to stop. There is another alternative to death.

I have survived some very close-calls. I must be here for a reason. I don't know what that is yet, but for one reason or another, my body has been kept going when it should have stopped. I'm not going to keep bitch-slapping that reason in the face with another trip to the high-dependency unit.

Never under-estimate the power of logical thought and intelligence. Since I have regained my sense of the rational and irrational, I can think my way through problems and not cause a trail of destruction on the way.

This is what led to my discharge. I spoke with Anna at the end of September and it was apparent to us that I had been stable enough and coped with some huge life stressors well enough that I didn't need secondary input any more. It was very hard saying goodbye, but people come and go in life. That's just what happens. It's ok.

So now I am under the care of my new GP at the university health center. Today, my depression and panic disorder is making itself known but I'm still functional. I am prepared to be referred to the mental health services in Brighton, but for now at least, I'm able to stand on my own and trusted to seek help if I need it. More than once I have been able to pick up the phone and talk problems out when I've been in floods of tears.

Being 'out of the service' is daunting. I don't know why, but it evokes anxiety and self-doubt in me. Discharge is an achievement, so to be referred back again would be a bitter pill to swallow. I am wary of using the counseling service at the university, in case they see my weaknesses and regret accepting me!

My main motivation for keeping my recovery strong: Paying my respects to three amazing girls that have passed away over the past two years. Lisa, Dawn and Jay. I'm living life for them. I want to make them proud. Talking to mutual friends, we agreed that if they were to see us engaging in our disorders due to the grief over their passing, they would be heartbroken. I definitely would be.

So I don't drink. I don't use drugs. I don't self-harm. The cravings have been BAD, but I have yet to cave in.

For Lisa. For Dawn. For Jay.

For the future I have with Alex and Lily.

For my degree. For my career in science.

Now it's time to be brave and see how far I can go on this journey, alone.


The University Diaries : stress, kittens and exciting times!

Dear Diary, 

Here's this week's rant!

My loan still hasn't come. The Student Loan Company are a seizure-inducing clusterfuck of useless shite. That's me being polite. The latest news is that I will now maybe see my money at the end of the month. They are still blaming the duplicate account and now a backlog of referrals to this other department. It'll be done when it's done and that's the end of it as far as they are concerned. They have absolutely NO CLUE the stress they are causing me. How am I meant to cover my bills? Last time I checked, I don't have a money tree or crap out pound coins. 

I have already had to borrow £150 from my mum, which feels so wrong, and there is every likelihood she will be loaning me more if this saga carries on for much longer. I have no choice but to go to the university for an emergency loan now. The protocol is a bit confusing but I'm sure they'll guide me through it. 

My ability to think straight has completely disintegrated.

Lily had to be taken to the vets as an emergency earlier in the week. She had been over-grooming again and it had reached the stage where she just could not stop and the boyfriend said she was making 'strange noises' while grooming so I called the vets from campus and he had to take her within 20 minutes. I was stuck on campus. It was terrifying, not being able to take Lily and keep her calm. I had to put so much faith in him to get it right and ask the right questions and get the right treatment. I felt so helpless, but she got her steroid injection and a 10 day course of antibiotics, plus some flea treatment for the carpets just incase. So that was £85.... Ouch.

She's feeling much better now, and I'd pay anything to have that. 

In other craptastic news: I am now back on 225mg venlafaxine. It's not ideal, especially as I'm getting a whole new load of side-effects while my system adjusts the extra drug. The main problem is sedation and dizziness. I've missed a few lectures this week and had to move my lab to next week so I'm less likely to keel over. It's making me miserable. I'm absolutely terrified of a relapse and failing. That and paying £7.85 per item making the idea of stopping my medication all the more tempting... 

Now, onto a couple of happier things!

On Wednesday I met some very special and awesome people! They are the owners of Koneko Cat Cafe, which is coming to Brighton next Spring! Jon, Keri, Sushi and Sir Fluffington put the word out for someone to help with their crowd-funding video and I decided to give it a go. I know right? It was a really fun few hours and I can't wait for their cafe to open! It's such a wonderful idea and cat-lovers far and wide will be clawing to get a chance to hang out with the resident kitties! Stay tuned for a dedicated post on Koneko Cat Cafe! Oh, they have a blog so go follow it and promote the living daylights out of them! :)


.... and breathe ....

This brings me to my other piece of exciting news: I am working with Kate and Aud of Trafalgar Street in Brighton to create a blogger event at their shop! Kate and Aud visit the Sussex campus on market day - Tuesday - and over the past 5 weeks I've bought a fair few items from them and also gotten to know the lovely ladies. Once we have all the details confirmed I will let you all know, but if you would be interested in coming to our vintage clothing blogger event please let me know in the comments so I can get a feel for numbers. It's a very small shop so spots are at a premium!! I can say that there is an AMAZING discount set up for us on all their products so you really don't want to miss this opportunity!

That's about it for this week. Here's a ladybug and Lily!

Don't forget to comment if you want to come to the vintage party!!!! Tell your friends! 


Ted Baker : Take The Scenic Route : My Favourite Picks and Fashion WTFs

Remember when I went to London for the fashion show for this collection? This post is LONG overdue. In part it is because I've been scared to do it! I don't talk fashion terribly often and it's not a high street name I'm talking about here, it's Ted Baker!! But now it's actually Autumn, I can talk about this collection without feeling weird!

Favourite Pieces

Ohhhhhhh my gosh. How amazing are the shoes!? Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh I love shoes. I'm not ignoring the beautiful clutches either! Absolutely beautiful!! <3

This is just divine! It's got that equestrian vibe which I'm a big fan of, and either as an outfit or as separates it would work really well. I'm crushing on this bag too. If I could afford it, I'd totally adopt this as a uni bag! I don't know if my figure would allow the trousers to be a look I could pull off, but if you happen to be blessed with a figure like this beautiful creature here, then you should totally start rocking these trousers.

This is so simple and pretty!! I absolutely love the green shoes with this lightly printed dress. My mind immediately shot to Goodwood Racecourse and Ladies Day when I first saw this. Or you could pair this with a blazer jacket and seam tights for an interview or meeting look.

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Purple is one of my absolute favourite colours, and the off-pink combination just screams wear me! Admittedly, with my red hair it might be one step beyond acceptable, but oh gosh it's just a beautiful piece. Even the gloves! Leather is pretty darn sexy, so bright pink leather gloves now feel like a must-have... Yes, I must have them. And the dress. And the shoes.

I have two words for this collection: Meg Ryan. That is all.
Hatstand - Top to Bottom

Fashion WTFs

I'm sorry to have to do this Ted Baker, but these really did just bring out the WTF in me!

Ok, so the shoes and the bag are ok. But the jacket-trouser combination is just painful to look at! Perhaps separately they'd work but the print is just.... It's not working for me.

Oh sweet Jesus. This is all kinds of wrong. It reminds me of bad 60's-70's wallpaper. 

My eyes! Oh my lord. The trousers are a complete write-off in my opinion. It's like wallpaper combined with a really old diary type design... The coat is lovely, but not in this outfit. Holy clash, and not in a good way. I still can't fault the shoes. They just about work with the trousers but not in the outfit. If you're going to clash, you do it once... not three times! Ouuuuch.

So those are the pieces that moved me the most in one way or another. During the fashion show I saw a lot more that I loved than loathed; the block bright colours of the coats, definite yes. The yellow and black prints on the dress and harem style trousers, I can get on board with that. I absolutely love the vintage inspired coats and suits! Velvet? I'm sorry, but no. It has no place as a suit jacket. Or anything really. The shoes and accessories I absolutely cannot fault. I need them all in my wardrobe. Utterly besotted!!! I love the simplicity and elegance of the cream/white coats and dresses. The metallic shimmer dresses really caught my eye, especially the purple one. 

What do you think? Can you handle prints as garish as this? Or are you more of an understated elegance kind of girl?

Ted Baker, I love you and once again thank you for the opportunity to get a first-hand look at your amazing designs. I will definitely be asking Father Christmas for some shoes or a bag! :) Maybe I'll see you for SS'14? ;) 


The University Diaries : You know what really grinds my gears...?

Dear Diary,

I have had a really shit week and I need to vent. So here we go my friends. Life really is far from lollipops and unicorn farts right now. Let's take it from the top.

Gear Grind One: I STILL DON'T HAVE MY FUCKING LOAN. Considering it was supposed to arrive on 20th September, and I have given the Student Loan Company far more of my time than I ever intended to, for no money to materialize is pretty god damn infuriating. What REALLY gets to me, beyond anything, is their ambivalence towards this situation they've dropped me in and expected to swim. It's shark-infested waters up in here. They don't know me though. I'm a pretty good swimmer and I'll happily punch a shark in the face. Or a dolphin if I have to - did you see that book by The Oatmeal? You should.

My point? They picked the wrong girl to mess with. I wrote a pretty fantastic complaint email following a rage inducing phone call with their call center drones. I have absolutely NO idea how they expect to be able to treat their customers with such indifference to a really, really unnecessary stress.

They want another 10 days? Hell NO. You've had since MAY to get your shit straight. I need MY money. NOW.

If I get further late fees and any negative hits on my credit report, I'm going to the Financial Ombudsman. Oh yes. Shit is getting real.

Gear Grind Two: On Wednesday my house was effectively broken into. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, and that's saying a lot. I wasn't even supposed to be home. I was sleeping off a migraine, when I should have been in a lecture. Thank god I was home. Oh my god... It was about 11.30am and I was in a half-sleep state when I heard knocking on the front door. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not, but either way I didn't want to see anyone so I ignored it and felt confident this person would go away. 

He didn't. He let himself into my house. I heard the door open and within a second I was flying down the stairs screaming and shouting as loud as I could, before lunging at the door and slamming it shut. 

Adrenaline had taken over and I entered into a state of complete panic. The intruder protested at my slamming the door in his face, claiming to be a gas safety inspector. Bollocks. I've seen too many films to know that line. As if I was going to let this 6ft 6" tall, 6ft wide man into my house. I had NO IDEA who he was. The letting agency, which I will name and shame as The Letting Shop, had not told me anyone was coming so there was no question in my mind at that point that this person was here with malicious intentions. 

To cut a long story short, I called The Letting Shop and it turned out they had sent him. Ok, that's not a problem. What the problem is, is that a) they gave him a goddamn key and b) I have explicitly told them that under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is anyone to let themselves into my house. Ever. Why? Because of Lily. 

I was/am furious. It's stirred up the source of my OCD and thrown in some flashbacks for good measure. This is the last thing I need right now. I don't know if I've talked about this before, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself. Basically, when I was 11 my parents separated and my father lost his mind. He was living in a flat, and decided for some reason to try to break in to our house and kill us. For some reason, I was already downstairs with Millie when I saw the back door latch being forced up and down. I froze, and held Millie so close to me so she wouldn't move or bark. Once the moving stopped I quickly went upstairs and told mum. From that night, I was FIXED on the locks, and protecting Millie. 

I'm working hard to try and make this nothing more than a set-back, but the escalation in anxiety and 'active symptoms' is just something I really can't believe is happening to me again. I can only control so much. It's utterly exhausting and terrifying. Every noise, every shadow, every smell I don't recognise, I'm in a state of constant 'readiness' and hyper-vigilance.

Gear Grind Three: I'm really struggling to cope with four modules. There is so much information and I can't separate it out in my busy brain. I get confused so easily and generally exhausted by it all. I'm sure it'll come with practice but I just feel like a total incompetent idiot right now... :( 

So those are my three major gear grinders this week... In other news: I lost the USSU election to an experienced competitor. I have no doubt that she will do an amazing job and I'm looking forward to meeting her and talking out some issues. It was a great experience and I've learned a lot. I had some lovely messages and I'm really excited to be a part of the Time To Change Campaign with the university so it's not been a total bust by any stretch! I will run again next year for sure.

I am aware that the blog is very one-dimensional at the moment and I can only apologise for that. Until I have the funds to buy new products, reviews and recipes are on hold. I am desperate to get to The Body Shop and Lush, and get my baking on following The Great British Bake Off being so darn inspiring. I'm also on the lookout for new frames for my glasses and any cool stationary! 

You might also have noticed that I have two new advertisers on my sidebar: Cybercandy and Approved Foods. For students that are reading, I really recommend Approved Foods. They are a vast resource of money-saving awesomeness! Of course, Cybercandy are just as amazeballs and I'm still waiting for their Oreo stocks to perk up! 

What would you like me to write about next? :) leave me a comment! 

Thank you so much for your support. I love you guys!


The University Diaries : Keep Calm and Carry On

Dear Diary,

It's Friday once again and I'm very happy about that fact. This week has been incredibly draining and I can't wait to catch up on some rest.

Do I have my loans? Nope. I don't think we're anywhere close to a resolution yet either. I am sure the student loan company are just making it worse every day. I have pages upon pages of frantically written notes of he said, she said and reference numbers and passwords that I don't know what's for what anymore. All of that and we're not getting any closer to a resolution. This is ridiculous, unacceptable and beyond infuriating so I called the complaint line. After 25 minutes on hold - don't get me started on that - I spoke to a nice enough call handler who seems to have come up with a much more logical plan to solve this issue. The downer is I have to wait 10 working days to see if it's actually gone through this time.

Of course, I'm incredibly stressed about this plus the workload of my modules getting heavier. I can still follow it all ok so I'm not spending hours upon hours in my textbooks just yet. But money stress is awful and the need for a release is very strong now. Of course, I'm committed to not being an asshole so options xyz just aren't options. I have to sit on the sofa with Lily and the boyfriend and just deal with the feelings of anger and powerlessness without it spilling over into destructive habits.

I might not be in control of my finances right now but I can control my actions and reactions. I can choose to set a positive example and show that even with all this crap going on, and the immense desire for that release from alcohol, drugs or self-harming behaviors, you can find other ways to cope. Yes, I am crying and sleeping a lot but neither of those are bad things. I would be making the situation far worse by diving into a bottle.

Right. Let's keep this positive. What other good stuff has happened this week?

Yesterday I had a hugely successful session in my Molecular Biology lab practical session! Considering I'd never been in a lab like this before I was absolutely shocked to see how well my DNA and RNA picture came out! We were working with E. coli - it had the evil bred out, but still smelt awful! I had to leave the lab a couple of times to get some fresh air and cool my anxiety levels down. It gets very stuffy in the lab room and that never fails to trigger my panic. I'm just thankful I didn't have issues with my blood pressure crashing.

It was a hell of an afternoon, having spent 12-1pm in lecture, I then worked from 1.30pm to 5pm on my own. Not ideal but I guess it worked out better than those that were in teams of two or three! I absolutely loved being in lab and can't wait for our next session!! It's so much fun and there were 5(?) helpful PhD students in red lab coats - I'm working on a Butlins joke - roaming the benches to give us a hand with the equipment or measurement confusions! Maybe with our £9k a year fees they can invest in an air-conditioner or something though.... HINT! ;)

On Tuesday we were served with our first open book maths test. That was a painful 4pm to 6pm slot. We had 25 questions and multiple choice answers. I was already tired, with it being 4pm and definitely home-time, so I was almost convinced I would get pulled up to answer for my failings when the result came through. Nope! By some MIRACLE I bagged 84%. It doesn't count for anything but it gives me some sort of hope for the real things later on. Plus the tutor offered 1-1 help with maths which is super kind of him. Practice, practice, practice. Christ I hate maths so much.

I also bought an absolutely beautiful vintage coat from Kate and Aud at the market that morning. I had to have it. I saw another woman eyeing it up after I'd put it back on the railing ad was pleading to the fashion gods that she'd leave it there so I could have it! Sure-fire sign I needed it. For £50 I have my first genuine piece of 60's amazing-ness. Excellent piece of retail therapy right there. I love the ladies that run the stall and absolutely cannot wait to visit their shop!

I also discovered that the Tuesday market has a greengrocers come and pitch up for the day. They sell the most beautiful produce for an absolute frikking steal. Sainsbury's just lost my custom.

Tuesday's are a good day on campus!

I guess the most exciting news I can finally tell you about - I think?! - is that I am running for Disabled Students' Representative Officer in next week's Student's Union elections! Voting starts on Monday morning and I've never been so scared. I like to think I know my target audience enough to realise online campaigning would be most effective but I still have flyers at the ready and need to get my talk on.

I'm working on a campaign-type post that will be released Monday. For the week of 7th to 11th the comments section will be relaxed to allow visitors to ask questions anonymously, but once elections are over I will revert back to how we currently roll. Usual ground rules will apply, so any hate will be booted out as quickly as possible. If I suspect it to be coming from a university-source I will report it.

That's about all I think.... other than today marks exactly one month since I became a Brighton-girl! I can't believe how scared I was of my relationship disintegrating like it had in the past. If anything I think we're stronger now because of all the different problems we've had to work through and make decisions together. Lily is a very happy little lady and slowly learning the the hallways are connected and mummy and daddy don't just magically appear out of the ether! She's eating like an absolute trooper so that's a sure sign she's busy on neighborhood watch during her waking hours!

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