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It's Tuesday 17th September and by some miracle I have a free day! My body is in total shock and all I want to do is sleep, but there are more pressing issues that need addressing today. My hair is in dire need of re-colouring! I can't meet all these new people with such faded hair. It was mid to late July I believe when I first stepped through the doors of MySalonLooks in Hove, so my next visit was well overdue.

Damien coloured my hair the first time around, so it felt right to carry on with him. I'm pretty loyal my hairdresser once I find someone I click with! If I hadn't found MySalonLooks I'd travel back to Worthing to see my old hairdresser.

Anyway. I booked my appointment online which means 50% off, just like that! I mean, wow. These guys are very talented and don't come cheap so that's a real gift right there. You have to book your cut and colour separately, which worked out great as I didn't want any scissor action this time around. I didn't have to be there until 2pm either so no rushing around half-asleep for once!

The only downer to my day was the British weather sticking it's middle finger up at everyone. It was absolutely tipping it down!!! Not the ideal situation when you're getting your hair done and relying on public transport, which I am still getting to grips with! There is a stop right outside the salon but knowing which goddamn bus to get is confusing. In the end I guessed. I also got to take my Radley umbrella out which I guess was an added bonus. I love Radley!

I might not have had to venture to the university campus today, but it was still a pretty large portion of my day. While my dye was doing it's thing I was very kindly allowed to use the iPad to do some free catch up on my student homepage - where all my course details and information was really starting to flood in. I had a read of a sample paper for my science skills module and realised I have some serious maths revision to do. While my boyfriend is a maths graduate, he's an awful teacher, but he's made me promise to let him try again before I go to the university or his dad - a private maths tutor - for extra help. My boyfriend tried to tutor me for my GCSE re-take and just confused me more, but apparently more complex maths is easier? No, I don't get it either.

I bloody hate maths. I might be a scientist of-sorts but my world definitely operates within the realm of the alphabet. All I can do is pray that further on in my course there is little-to-no maths so my grade doesn't get obliterated by my incompetence.

Back to the hair: It looks awesome again. I love autumn and winter purely because I can get back to the really intense reds that just don't survive in the summer. Students: You have no excuse now. It's 50% off and amazing. Go. Go. GO!
Before - faded :(

After! I can't get over how long my hair has gotten either! It's a bugger to get red hair to come out well on camera, but the picture to the right just about catches it. How much did this cost? £25. I am not kidding.


Now to something I failed to mention yesterday: While I was embarking on operation find the bus stop, I stumbled across the Student Union Shop! It had to happen: I bought the traditional hoodie and t-shirt. I swear it's like an unwritten law of freshers/first-years. You have to have one. The trouble with the hoodies available, is that the range is rather extensive and they're all so cosy and soft! I can see myself building up a little collection... There is a gorgeous fleece-lined 'zoodie' I'm definitely going to buy when I have some money ready for the inevitable cold snap.

I also bought a cute little pin which sits on my current bag of choice, my faithful polka-dot Cath Kidston cross-body. I also spotted an embossed red folder which I figured would be an ideal way to house all of my university related filing.

[ I've just upgraded my iPhone to the new iOS and can't upload new pictures as yet, but I will show you my "freshers haul" as soon as I can get whatever the problem is sorted... bloody iPhones. ]

So that was my day off! I got my hair coloured, came back home and tried to do as little as possible! Energy is at a real premium at the moment, and with my appetite vanishing into the ether thanks to all the stress and anxiety it's pretty hard to keep going. I'm trying to taper down on my medication so I don't feel as physically restricted; when I'm walking from the bus stop to Jubilee I just can't get enough air into my lungs. It's a horrible feeling to be walking up sets of steps gasping and sweating while others are breezing on past.

I am starting to feel slightly isolated by not being able to attend night events but there just isn't enough strength in me for it. I honestly really, really do not know how people do it.

C'est la vie...

Next time: Medical Neuroscience subject induction and Freshers Fair: Clubs and Societies!

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