The calm before - and after - the storm?

Hi everyone!!!! :)

I'm able to sit down for a little while now and update you on the latest in the absolute drama that this move has been, and what's going on now. But first, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me through this! I know this blog has become a ghost town the past few weeks and I absolutely hate it, but I promise promise promise it is going to change very soon!

I'm still stuck with a crappy dongle, and that in itself makes using the internet like I need/want to very hard. It's just not a blogger friendly piece of gadgetry. Sure, it does it's job in that I can access the internet but I have to be careful not to choose sites that suck up the allowance. It's a PAYG dongle, and I've already had to top it up once, following my other blog entries! There's not long left to go though, we're still looking at Wednesday 18th for broadband to be installed. It's bloody torture!

In terms of the house, it looks like a house now and not a storage unit. The major problems are being dealt with, so hopefully by the end of next week our door will be fixed, I will have curtains up and this god awful blue wall in the study papered over. We have a washing machine coming next Tuesday. You should see the amount of laundry that is just piling up, taunting me because I can't do anything about it!! I don't know where the nearest laundrette is and to be honest, I don't fancy carrying it up this hill I live on.

I did a mini house tour on Instagram, so if you missed it on Twitter just click the link in the sidebar and check out my new house! I like to think of it as a sort of 'before' shot... I have something of an idea of what I want to do with furnishings and generally turning this blank canvas into something I would be proud of. I get such a buzz from decorating... Creative outlets are definitely good for me.

Lily is doing great. I think she's settled as much as she knows that this is our new home. A few days ago she was very restless and I think she was basically asking to go home, but we got through it and she's calmed right down again. She's loving the space to run around! The only thing she's not used to is the hallways. Every time she see's me or the boyfriend walking from say the study down into the living room, she will turn sideways and get her fluff on. It's so funny!!! Of course, we always reassure her and tell her she's being a silly fluff, and within seconds she's deflated. Cats are so weird.

She's been left alone in the house twice now. Once for just over 30 minutes when we went to Sainsburys, and yesterday she had a few hours to herself while me and the boyfriend went out for dinner to celebrate his 27th birthday. We went to Brown's and it was really lovely. I highly recommend them! She did just fine. To our surprise, she'd demolished most of her dinner, used her toilet and seemed to have just been chilling out in the bedroom! She wasn't upset or hoarse when we got back, so I feel a lot better about popping out now. She'll never really be alone for more than a few hours anyway.

In university related news: I finally got my timetable and schedule of inductions. The first one is tomorrow and it's for the mature students. Oh. My. God. How did it get here?! Seriously. For so long it was ages and ages away, and now it's basically punching me in the face... For the next couple of weeks, there is either a induction, lecture or freshers event. Where I'm going to find the energy from I just don't know!! I think this first half-term is going to be basically sponsored by Monster and/or Relentless.

On Monday there is an introduction to the school I will be studying at - Life Sciences. I also get to collect my ID card and finalize my student loans so they can make their way into my bank account and save me from overdraft fees. My specific subject introduction - Medical Neuroscience - isn't until Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to that one, and by a stroke of luck and hour after that is finished there is an information session on the mental health support services. By then I hope not to be a nervous wreck but at this point in time I really don't know what's going to happen... and that suuuuuuuuuuucks.

My first actual lecture is on Thursday next week at 12pm. Molecular Biology. I'm familiar enough with it that I understood what the subject overview was saying to me, and what we would be covering. Thank god I kept my OU textbooks. I think I can find revision materials in my S104 'Life' book, and maybe a couple of SK277 books...

We still don't have a solid reading list, which is almost painful now. I don't want to go into a lecture being the asshole that's unprepared. I've been missed off a lot of mailing lists so I'm already playing catch up. Yesterday I spent most of the day organising inductions against any work we were having done at the house.

So that's about it... Thank you again for sticking with me and I look forward to sharing my freshers week at Sussex University with you all!!! :)

Lots of love


  1. Sounds like it's all going on at the moment for you!!
    I found when I moved house and had a dongle there was a way to switch imgages off the webpages and only show text so there was less of the webpage to download....Just a thought x

    1. That's a brilliant tip!!! Thank you!!! :) xx

  2. Glad it's all gone okay! As you're living where you're living, and I'm living where I'm living, Ill be going the same way up to Brighton uni, we could be bus buddies! Haha, hope all is going well for you :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

    1. I love this idea so hard! We need to trade timetables! ;) xx

  3. Good luck with all the uni stuff, I'm sure you'll rock it!

  4. Sounds absolutely brilliant Sami (apart from the broadband!). I don't know about any of your other readers, but I would really love it if you had the time to do an occasional post on what you are studying as it sounds really fascinating. I would genuinely love to hear more about it. Hope you enjoy your studies hunnie, all the upheaval will be worth it in the long run

    Fi xoxox

    1. Awww, thank you Fi! <3

      You'll be pleased to know that I have plans ready and waiting to update the blog so I can tell you all about my time at Sussex Uni! :) There's no way I'd leave such a massive part of my life out of here. Truth be told, I think I'll be babbling on about subjects I'm reading more than anything else now... Haha!

      It's impossible with this 'effing dongle to get the images and evil HTML straight so my schedule is waaaaaaaay off now, but it will get done as soon as I am able to. Fingers crossed by the end of the week but that may be a tad optimistic. We shall see.

      Loves xx

  5. Good luck with it all, you will be brilliant!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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