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Oh my GOD. This move has been nothing but drama, but after 5 very intense days of cleaning, packing, unpacking, swearing and shouting, I'm able to come and say hello to you all!

Our move started at 8am on Wednesday 4th and didn't stop until almost midnight. We weren't able to sign contracts and get our keys until 1pm. Within 30 minutes of getting into our house, I was screaming down the phone to the letting agency. A fridge had been dumped in our kitchen, in place of the nearly brand new one we were supposed to be using. That had been taken by the previous tenant. In it's place was the most REPULSIVE, DISGUSTING, FOUL SMELLING thing you would ever come across. There was rotten food, maggots, other bugs and the smell filled the house. Naturally, I hit the freaking roof and demanded a replacement. The letting agency sent a woman to clean the fridge. I opened it for her and she nearly puked. Ha. We had a brand new fridge freezer delivered within hours. Good.

We had a washing machine on order and ready to be delivered that day too, but there was one waiting for us. Weird, we thought, as we directly asked the previous tenant if it was hers and whether she'd be taking it with her. It was also dumped from the same house as the washing machine. It was well over 10 years old and wasn't plumbed in. It was included in the inventory we got with our tenancy agreement. Well, a washing machine was. We are currently at a deadlock over who's going to foot the bill for a replacement, as I gave them no choice but to remove the filthy old one from my kitchen.

To be honest, at this point I'm willing to just call it square and me and the boyfriend will pay for a brand new machine and the letting agency can send their plumber to fit it in for us.

We also have problems with our front door, windows, lights and water pressure but these are being dealt with next week hopefully. I believe tomorrow we have an electrician coming so that's a good start...


Lily has been absolutely amazing. She's taken to her new home really well and absolutely loves the space. Once the garden is secured she can start exploring even more! At the moment she's at the stage of going to the back of the house to check things out then shouting for mummy because she needs to check I'm still around. Silly girl. She loves watching the new people and birds outside.

We've been so, so busy trying to sort everything out that I've had absolutely no time until now to come online properly. I'm using a dongle because Sky don't seem to install broadband the same time as their TV, very irritating. Thankfully Argos came to the rescue with this £20 Vodafone dongle which is PAYG.

This is absolutely exhausting. I've broken every single nail. My skin is disgusting. There isn't a part of my body that isn't painful. I can feel tears brewing but they just won't come. It's just...... really overwhelming.

On the up-side, I'm fully registered with Sussex University and due to start on 16th. It's really lame, but I loved that you could sort out your council tax exemption during the process! Every little helps. I have so many change of addresses still to do, and deal with EDF. Funnnnn.

My girl room is nearly put together. I have permission to decorate so next on my list is to get some wallpapering done! I can't stand bare painted walls.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to come online more and start reconnecting with the outside world! I've really, really missed talking to you all. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me through this quiet patch, it means the world to me! 

Sadly, it's time for me to get back to unpacking.....

Lots of love!!! <3

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