The Body Shop : testing toners!

Hello skincare fans :) 

You might remember a while ago I bagged some amazing bargains from The Body Shop during their sale! I've never really used toners before so having three little bottles to test was pretty ideal. My skin seems to be going through every single type possible so I had hoped to see results from at least one product..

Seaweed Clarifying Toner

This is a gorgeous toner, and definitely one to use if you've been wearing make-up all day. Your skin will be left completely clean and feeling fresh, rather than dried out and tight. We all know about the powers of seaweed in skincare and diet, and this particular product uses Irish seaweed so it's not had to endure traveling far and lose it's power.

It smells gentle, works like a charm and also helped keep my acne under control.

Definitely recommended! It's £3 for 60ml bottle or £8 for 200ml bottle.

Aloe Calming Toner

This toner was a complete godsend during a pretty nasty breakout! It has a slightly thicker consistency than other toners, and feels amazing on inflamed spots and sore skin.

It is best to use this toner sparingly, as a little tends to go a long way, and excessive amounts may trigger further breakouts.  Also apply this toner immediately after washing and patting dry your face, post shower would be best. This is when I saw the best results. You may feel like your skin doesn't need moisturiser, so don't overload your pores if it doesn't need it.

The aloe is from Guatemala, and is also fair trade. The income from this product helps fund 100 schools in El Progreso. Can't argue with that!

A 60ml bottle is £3 and a 200ml bottle is £8.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

Another amazing product! This toner is so hydrating I didn't need to use a moisturiser afterwards. I have had a really annoying problem with dry, flaky skin that I just couldn't find a solution for, until I started using this. The problem vanished within a week! Yay!!!! :)

Again, this toner has a slightly thicker consistency than usual and you need to be careful not to overwhelm your skin with it or you'll end up with breakouts threatening to ruin everything. But maybe that's just my skin...

This 60ml bottle seems to be discontinued, so a 200ml bottle is £8. 

I *think* the vitamin E toner may be my favourite; but it's a really tough call. They each served a really useful purpose is getting some control and health back into my skin.Of course there is also the issue of buying little bottles and only seeing a difference towards the end of their lifespan as it were.. I fear I may just have to have all three in my skincare arsenal and bring them out on an as needed basis!

I never really got the point of toner until I started using these products, and now I honestly miss them now they're all empty! 

Do you use toner? If you have difficult skin, what do you find works best? 

Until next time! <3

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  1. The Aloe toner sounds awesome, I think I need to check that out at some point


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