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Hello :)

I thought I should at least try and talk to you guys on my ramble day, because I really am not terribly coherent at the present moment... I'm just so overwhelmed and, yeah.... my brain has decided to go on holiday.

Let's see if I can at least piece something together from this week...

~ Celebrity Slim. That had to be stopped because it turns out I'm lactose intolerant. The amount of pain I was in by the third day was ridiculous and I never want to feel that sick ever again. It was awful. I'm still really bloated and my abdomen is just so sore and painful. It's not fun. I'm drinking lots of fluids to try and flush it all out of my system but I've hit a bit of a road block.

~ My friend died on 20th. I found out on Facebook. This isn't the first time I've discovered about someones passing in this way. It's floored me and was basically the nail in the coffin as far as my tolerance for stress. That's it now. I'm done. My mind has shut down and I'm just floating in a weird state of dissociation. I'm heartbroken and just, well, I don't even know yet. I'll be able to fill in that blank once I come back down to earth.

~  Stress = IBS. Oh yes. Just what I need. My poor digestive system is in absolute turmoil right now. As if that whole lactose thing wasn't bad enough, throwing some really intense stress ontop is the the perfect storm for everything to just shut down. It hurts.

~ Diet.... What diet? Yeah. That's gone to hell. At this point in time I just do. not. care. and if people want to judge me and mock me for being fat then so be it. I can't feel anything anyway so sod it. I'm 98% sure that once I start university I'll be at a level of stress and anxiety where eating will be next-to-impossible for a while so the weight will hopefully melt away pretty sharpish.

~ Finances. I've got my student account sorted, so that's some stress lifted. I'm banking with the co-op and have a £1400 overdraft. Score. All I need to do is deposit £300 to activate the account. With it being bank holiday this weekend things might process a little slower but I should have it by the end of next week. Phew.

~ New house. We STILL don't have a moving date. Apparently we'll have one next week. We better. I can't cancel anything until I know when we're moving. It would be a DISASTER to be stuck without internet.

~ It was my birthday on 22nd.... It was a non event. I'm now the wrong side of approaching 30.

That's about it really..... Ugh god this update sucks. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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