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Oh my god this is turning into such a nightmare. What is everyone's problem with having a cat in rented flats? Seriously. She's 3 years old and way past climbing the curtains. Yes, she does enjoy making holes in net curtains, but that's why I buy cheap ones for her to destroy rather than risking a landlords. I had one letting agent tell me that they had an incident where a cat destroyed a carpet. Er, what? Unless they mean the cat pissed all over it then I'm going to call bullshit on that one.

I'm a WILLING and VERY GOOD tenant with glowing references. It's their loss as much as mine. Has the housing market recovered to a point where being picky is deemed safe practice again? I seriously doubt it. Yes, Brighton is a very 'in demand' place to try and find somewhere to live, but for the love of god... JUST CUT THE SHIT.

We're being forced to look further afield than we had planned just to find places that will even consider us. Some landlords/agencies want a £2k deposit in exchange for a letting contract being signed. Do people have that kind of money?! It's frikking exploitation. Sadly for them, we're not so desperate that we would part with that kind of money. But someone might. Ugh. It's disgusting and makes me so ANGRY.

Thankfully, I woke up this morning bursting with energy and feeling high as a damn kite. No idea why but I'm not complaining. It's FUN! I keep looking outside and being blown away by the COLOURS. Yesterday I was super productive and cleaned the entire flat - including the tiles in the bathroom, worst job ever - as well as publishing 3 blog posts! I can't walk without my ankles sending shockwaves through me but I want to dance and run and jump and swim and gallop around Goodwood Racecourse..

Freshers week starts in about a month's time now. The 'mature students' get to hang out with the post-grads which is a massive relief. I'm really happy they thought about us old-buggers, and it turns out I'm definitely not the oldest student starting this year so that's something! That reminds me, I need to make an appointment with the volunteer center about a blogging opportunity.

We have three viewings tomorrow - I think?! - so I have to yet again make the trek to Brighton. It's just a single ticket this time though as the boyfriend wants to stay over so that's something of a plus. The return journey is always hard. We're bouncing all over Brighton, starting at Bear Road, then down to near the Marina, then back up to Ditchling Road! Bear Road has always been my ideal, and not just for the name, so hopefully that one will be a good fit.

I'll probably go visit the Co-Op Bank and Halifax about their student accounts while I'm out. Whoever gives me the biggest overdraft wins! Ha. I do hope it's Halifax, they've been my bank for 10 years but I doubt that will count for much when asking for a big student overdraft. Meh. My credit card debt needs assessing too. Part of me is wondering if it's worth getting a loan to pay them off and then use the rest to fund moving and any additional things we need... I dunno. I just want it to stop following me around. It's the final reminder of my past relationship and it's just, aaaaaagh.

I went to see my tattoo artist the other day - finally! Her client list has exploded and she couldn't fit me in until late November, yikes. I'm on a cancellation list too so fingers crossed someone will bitch out and I can have their spot! The piece we're working on is about 6 hours worth of work, and we decided to break it up into 3 blocks of 2 hour sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart to give my skin a chance to recover. Tattooing over scar tissue is apparently a very different experience so I'm a bit nervous about any raw nerves that might be lurking. It'll be worth it regardless. She charges £65 per hour, so in total I will be parting with £390. At least I have time to save up!!

My design is based around a vintage pocket watch, probably from the 1900s era, which will be 'branded' with "Millie" and dated with the date of her passing: "21. 12. 2010" and the time will be set to 3.20pm. The watch will sit amongst Camellia Japonica flowers with the chain intertwined, and there will also be an exact copy of her paw print sat in there somewhere with the date of her birth underneath; "21. 06. 1997". It's going to be very lightly washed with colour, to try and keep attention on the design rather than my scars, as a more intense colour would draw them out. It will also keep it looking vintage, plus there's enough space to allow her to get really detailed with filigree on the watch.

I honestly cannot wait to get started. This has been on my mind since Millie passed away and this specific design has been in the making for a good 18 months now so this isn't an impulse thing based on pure emotion. I don't understand people that launch into tattoos. It's not a piercing! It's on you FOREVER, and I like to get to know the artist that is decorating my skin rather than wandering into a shop and just getting branded.

Oh yeah; and I spoke to my occupational therapist and it was a pretty pointless conversation. I've asked to see the psychiatrist to talk about this quetiapine nonsense but I doubt she'll go for it. Apparently everything I'm feeling is 'normal' and 'understandable'. Hm. As long as I don't do any stupid shit everything will be ok... I should probably add keeping away from my mother to that. She is liable to be the catalyst for the shit to hit the fan.... Lalala I'm fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I think that's enough..... Gold star if you read all this nonsense!


  1. Your tattoo sounds like it will be beautiful. It's a lovely idea,

    1. I have every faith in my artist :) Keep an eye on my pinterest for my musings/inspiration ideas! Xxx


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