#RapidTester : Week Two! *

Hi girlies! :)

I apologise for this update being a little bit late!  *slaps wrist*

This is just a little check-in to share what my eyebrows and eyelashes have been doing over the past week. I won't lie, it's been very hard to leave my eyebrows alone. They have definitely gotten longer and filled out much more than they would have without using RapidBrow. The hairs seem to be darker too, but that's not a problem really. I daren't try and shape them or anything now, if I start plucking I won't stop!

I haven't noticed any change to my eyelashes as yet. My application method with the RapidLash brush is slowly getting better so maybe in another week I'll see something happening. Or my eyelashes are already at their limit of how long they will grow... 

Here's some pictures. Please excuse my terrible skin. Acne sucks!

What do you think? Can you see a difference?

Until next time! <3


  1. Hello! I can definitely see a huge difference on your eyebrows - they look a lot fuller already. I have to be honest, it think there might just be a little bit of growth with your eyelashes. Either that or they are just looking thicker for sure.

    I have very fair lashes on the bottom towards the outer side of my eyes too which is a pain if you don't want to wear mascara, but a clear one can define them a bit more if your skin can take it. It just gives a more polished look if you are going out. I quite often use it on my brows too just to define them a bit more too.

    All in all looking great hunnie.

    Fi xoxox


    1. Thank you for letting me know! It's so hard to notice anything when you see them daily!! :) xx


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