Lush Review : Oatifix

I'm back with yet another Lush review!!! Yay!!! :) 

This time I'm going to talk about Oatifix, which is quite possibly the most yummy, edible smelling face mask I've tried to date! It really does smell like breakfast; and just like breakfast being the most important meal of the day, this face mask may just be the most important one for my skin! 

Indeed; Lush themselves say: "Feed your face. You know they say you shouldn't skip the most important meal of the day."

My skin is going through a bit of a crisis again at present, and dry patches are proving to be a real battle ground. I have been experimenting with various non-Lush brand toners and had varying levels of success, but this face mask really gets down to work and your skin is able to draw as much as it wants from the gorgeous ingredients.

This isn't a face mask that sets firm like others do, so you're able to leave it on for as long as you want really. I generally give my skin a good 20-30 minute session with this mask once a week. It keeps so well in the fridge and never stops smelling absolutely delicious!

One thing I did notice that even when you apply what is probably termed a 'generous' amount it seems to just vanish into your skin, which can only be a good thing. There is also a very slight warming sensation on problem areas. It's not uncomfortable or a burning feeling, just a reminder that the ingredients are doing their thing! 
Quantitative Ingredients
*occurs naturally in essential oils

The use of glycerine is to hold the mask together and draws moisture into the skin. Like in baking, it is a humectant. Oatmeal is loaded with beneficial properties for the skin; containing avenanthramides, a type of antibiotic produced by the parent plant, which act as an antioxidant and may contribute to the soothing effect. They also carry an anti-histamine property to aid allergic reactions. Pretty cool huh? Bananas are used to help moisturise the skin while making it more supple. You can click on the links to see what amazing qualities each ingredient posseses. 

As I leave this on for a long period of time, I apply this face mask post-shower having washed my face twice with Coalface and once with Freederm sensitive face wash. I have found it most beneficial to apply immediately after getting out of the shower to make the most of the steam opening the pores. To remove the mask, use lukewarm water and gentle small circular motions to exfoliate and rinse the residue off. 

I absolutely love the fragrance left on your skin. My boyfriend always says I smell like breakfast, and Lily gets terribly confused at why mummy has food on her face. My skin always feels incredibly soft, nourished and calmer. The redness I have is always vastly reduced and sore acne lumps don't hurt as much. 

This mask is definitely one for those who suffer with dry, sensitive skin and breakouts. 

A 75g tub will cost you £5.95 and is well worth every penny!

Bravo, Lush. Bravo! I'm still no closer to selecting a favourite...


  1. Ooh I really want to try this! I've only used one Lush mask before (it was bright green!) and I loved it, but this one sounds perfect for my crazy skin at the moment xx

    1. Was that the mask of magnaminty? This one comes very close to that in terms of dealing with skin craziness! :) xx

  2. I really really want to try this mask, I've heard it's fab! Haha your comment about Lilly being confused made me laugh :)

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

    1. Do itttt!!! :) Glad Lily's daftness makes you laugh, wish I'd caught her reaction on camera! Xx


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