Cottage Delight : Farmhouse Spiced Sultana Cake *

Hello my fellow cake fans!

I'm back to dazzle you with another special offering from my friends at Cottage Delight. 

I was intrigued by the Farmhouse Spiced Sultana Cake as soon as I saw it. Whenever I think of spiced cakes, my mind immediately shoots to the very rich fruit cakes you have when the dreaded 'C word' rolls around in December. Now, I have no objection to the strong flavours of such cakes, merely the marzipan that lurks below the icing. I was hoping that this offering from Cottage Delight would be much milder variety, and was not disappointed. 

 Even at first glance, you can see that this cake is very dense so a small portion is all you will need. It is absolutely stuffed with sultanas and has an intoxicating but mild mixed spice aroma lifting from the cake itself. It is incredibly moist but also crumbles into bite-sized pieces of rubble when sliced and removed from it's cardboard container: Note the gaps in the cake where sultanas got dragged out with a slice!

I am aware that the folks at Cottage Delight say that this cake cuts well, and I'm not disagreeing with that in the slightest. I may have under-estimated the size of the knife needed to keep it in one piece. But who doesn't like a bit of cake rubble?

I also love that there isn't a carpet of sultanas in this cake. They are nicely distributed throughout the cake, which is something I definitely fail to achieve when cooking with vast quantities of dried fruit.

What of the ingredients? Well, if you ever wanted proof of just how laden with sultanas this cake is you only need look here; a whopping 43%! This level of dried fruit would almost certainly add a lot of moisture and sweetness to the cake, well, that and the 10% butter content! No one said cakes were diet friendly.  
One of the few ingredients you may not find in your baking supplies is a 'humectant', this is a substance that retains moisture and is the opposite to a 'desiccant' which removes moisture or maintains dryness. We've all heard of desiccated coconut, right? In this cake, it looks like vegetable glycerine was used to keep this cake nice and moist. So we've got a lot of dried fruit in here, and the use of vegetables... Can we add this to our 5-a-day count? ;) 
A girl can hope...
This is a very rich cake with strong flavours, so I really would advise against excessive consumption! For me, this is one of those things best enjoyed in small doses. In fact, this is the first product I've had from Cottage Delight that I've been able to safely put away once I'm finished with my samplings. It's a lovely cake, don't get me wrong, but the intensity of the mixed spice with the level of sultanas is just at that point where you want more but know you'll ruin the flavour experience if you do. 
As always, the law of cake dictates we must consume our sultana cake with lots of tea. We cannot ignore such facts. 

If I had to choose between the spiced sultana cake and the cherry sponge cake of my previous review, I would choose the cherry. It's just more to my preferences in the world of cake. Maybe that's just because I like to eat a lot of cake and this sultana offering prevents me from such gluttony... Haha!

This is one of a whopping SIXTEEN varieties of cake on offer from Cottage Delight, ranging from £3.75 to £5.50. The Farmhouse Spiced Sultana Cake costs £4.40.
You can find Cottage Delight on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so go and say hi!
Until next time! <3 


  1. Oh lord, my mouth is watering just looking at that! yum


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