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This is a bit of a sad review for a couple of reasons; first, because this is my final cake review for a while and secondly because it's ending on a less positive note. It's not a negative, more neutral, but that doesn't make it any easier to write. However, I have a no BS policy and I will follow it regardless of who or what I'm talking about. So let's get down to it. 

Today I'm going to talk about the Farmhouse Cherry Cake from Cottage Delight. I was super excited to try this after the incredible sponge version I reviewed a few weeks ago. They certainly set the bar high, but given the consistently amazing products I have been treated to I wasn't exactly concerned about a dip in standards. 

Now; when I read 'Farmhouse Cherry Cake' on a label, I don't know about you but as a consumer I would expect to be eating a cake that had cherries in it. I know we've had a bit of drama in the recent past with labels on food and this is nowhere near that level of rage-inducing betrayal, nevertheless I was still left a bit peeved shall we say. I could not find a single cherry amongst the half of this cake that I examined, and nor could I taste anything other than a vaguely prune-like flavour.

I can't help but wonder if they got their percentages the wrong way around!! A cherry cake should be 40% cherry, not sultana. That makes it a sultana cake, as it is the most prominent ingredient. There was also absolutely no need for the 'nibs' of sugar as the cake itself was already thick with dried fruit and sugar. I don't know if it's possible for a cake to be too moist, but this was certainly pushing it for my preferences. Even for a fruit cake this was very, very moist. It practically collapsed when sliced and had to be dragged away from the tray and cake. In my opinion, that does not make a cake that 'cuts well'.

Can you see any cherries? This cake looks absolutely nothing like it is presented on their website, which always makes me sad. It's not an inedible cake by any stretch. It could be quite nice to have as a dessert with some cream and dark chocolate shavings, and a strong cup of tea or coffee! I know some people love a squidgy cake and this might be right up their street, but for me, it's just vastly over-sweetened and reminded me of a mix between the consistency of a syrup sponge and soreen.

On that note I will draw this review to a close and go seek out some gherkins to recover from this sugar-overload! 

This is one of a whopping SIXTEEN varieties of cake on offer from Cottage Delight, ranging from £3.75 to £5.50. The Farmhouse Cherry Cake costs £4.40.
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  1. That sounds so disappointing, that is for sure. The cake looks gorgeous but looks can be deceiving, that is for sure.

    On a complete tangent - I shall be joining you with the gherkins. I am just going to get a bowl of them and pickled onions now! You reminded me of the jar I hid in the back of the cupboard to keep away from my husband!

    Fi xoxox

    1. It does happen, sadly! I hated being so down about this cake!! :(

      Great to see you're a fellow pickle lover!! Brilliant snack, and they're usually pretty safe from being stolen by other people! The boyfriend isn't as keen on them as me, thankfully. Haha!! Xxx

  2. Hi Sami

    This cake has naturally coloured cherries in it which look very similar in colour to the sultanas.The original samples were made with the artificial red cherries and these samples were photographed for the brochure and website.

    We shall be updating the image to the cake with naturally coloured cherries to save misleading our customers.


    Cottage Delight

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Thank you for your input, it's very much appreciated! :) Xx


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